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The tables given below provide information regarding the normal weights and heights for infants, as per the guidelines and growth charts for girls provided by WHO World Health Organization. Data and materials availability: My body hurts especially my joints all the time. Here are some helpful strategies for consuming alcohol safely:. Metabolism refers to the way the body breaks down food and uses it for nutrients and energy. Her Doctor immediately put her on Synthroid, but she has never seemed to quite feel better. Do you know of any supplements that I can get to help or should I change my doctor I have been with him for thirty years.

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What is BioTE hormone pellet therapy?

They are also just checking the TSH and nothing else even thought I ask for everything. It is very frustrating and disheartening when all you want to do is feel normal again, have a life again, enjoy life again. Unfortunately many Doctors stick to the TSH because it is the standard of care.

In reality, there is no perfect test — even blood work. In order to get a clear picture of the thyroid you really need to look at resting heart rate, basal body temperature a full thyroid panel! But more important is looking at other hormone levels in the body as well. Hi, I had a TT in due to Thyroid cancer. I also had a hysterectomy in which I think may contribute to my inability to lose weight. I take mcg of Levothyroxine which seems to be keeping me hyper thyroid with still NO weight loss.

You need to get an entire hormone panel to figure out what is going on. Check the following hormones: I am from Southeast AZ. I was diagnosed with Hashis 4 years ago was put on levothyroxine just 6months ago.

I feel awful all the time. I go from hypo symptoms to hyper. My body hurts especially my joints all the time. Headaches are another huge issue. My question is do you have info on doctors in the Ft. Your help would be a blessing! I have been taking synthroid for years. I want to try diet pills but my doctor says no …because of the thyroid pills.

Are there any safe ones i can take? This article is great thank you! I had a total thyroidectomy at 18 8yrs ago now I have continuously put on weight sinse then, I eat a strict plant and meat based diet. No refined sugars, very limited processed foods and limited fruit. I excerise at least three times a week and still struggle to move weight.

I always feel sluggish and tired as I did pre TT. I had Hashimotos disease and a goiter. T3 medication is not funded and very expensive where I live.

An my doc is not keen to try me on it. I am thinking I will start monitoring temp etc as you have mentioned to see what it shows. I am currently on levo Monday-Friday and sat and Sunday.

Thank you for this article! How many patients have you seen gain weight on 1, calorie diets while taking synthroid?

How many patients have you monitored reverse T3 levels on closely on T4 medication and then on T3 medication? The current paradigm is to treat with T4 medication and hope that it converts to T3 in the body, but how sure are you that it is happening? I can also tell you that standard lab tests do NOT always reflect what is actually happening in the body and at the cellular level. Thank you so much for this article. I have been suffering with hypothyroidism for almost 15 years.

I now almost weigh lbs, I eat healthy for the most part, and exercise as much as possible when I feel like it. Most of the time I am exhausted, my body hurts, I suffer from headaches, my skin is so dry, etc, etc. I barely have enough energy to get through a whole work day most days. My body is constantly inflamed sometimes carrying as much as 10 lbs of fluid and inflammation.

I recently found out my father is hyperthyroid and is skinny as a rail wish that was my case. I will start with testing my temperature and recording my resting heart rate as you suggested above, but could you recommend exactly what blood tests I should request? I would like to be very prepared when I talk to my physician. I have also read that this is an auto immune disease, is this true?

If so, could it cause other diseases ie: You might have some luck searching for functional medicine doctors though. To find out what blood tests to order check out this article here: Hypothyroidism can be due to inflammation and autoimmunity, but not necessarily. I take 2 tablets of levothyroxine everyday I lost my thyroid four years ago to mens I have been on every dose from 75 to and still gain weight and always feel so tired..

My TSH levels are at so i was restarted on 50mcg of levothyroxine, since starting the medicine a little over 2 weeks ago, my depression and anxiety are terrible, im crying all the time, i feel likey thoughts arent my own. My chest and jaw hurt and my endo wont listen. She says its because im on too low of a dose, but these symptoms didnt start until after i started the medicine. Before i started it, the only symptoms i had were slight fatigue and weight gain.

Im so confused and dont know what to do. Either way you definitely need to be seen again and have your blood work rechecked. I was diagnosed at the age of 39, now I am normally lbs. This is SO frustrating as I have done everything to try and get the weight to come down, and have done nothing to put the weight on which is maddening… I would be happy at at this point. I have tried Levo, Synthroid, and finally was allowed by my endo.

I feel a lot better on the NDT, but I am still way over weight. I have tried clean eating, exercise, you name it. I have an appointment coming up with my endo. I have a closet full of beautiful clothes that I would love to wear again… Any suggestions? I am not satisfied, and will not accept this is the way it is going to be.

I see this all the time! You will need to have your other hormone levels checked as well. This is a case study on what it takes to lose weight and I go over her labs in detail, but remember that each person is different: I was first put on Synthroid and immediately gained 25lbs and felt worse than I started out. My labs are better but no where near optimal. Trying to think of the best ways to educate my dr without actually being a know it all. You should be monitoring a combination of the following: It is possible that your thyroid is fine right now and other hormonal imbalances are causing your issues more than your thyroid.

Make sure to get your other hormone levels checked as well, and remember that your thyroid is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. I currently take synthroid and 5 Cytomel.

I can not lose any weight. I am tired all the time. I have asked my doctor to switch me to natural thyroid med and he said levels are too hard to keep adjusted. I would recommend checking out these articles for more info on how to lose weight with Hypothyroidism:. For the most part you can forget endocrinologists because they all swear by Synthroid even in the face of contrary results.

I will say that I was not able to lose an ounce on Synthroid, but had good success while on Armour. It is a good medication, and many people do well on it, but not everyone. The trick is finding the right combination of medication, dosing and frequency for each individual and that can take time.

And I hope you are able to find another doctor willing to prescribe it to you. Thyroid is just one part of losing weight, there are several other hormones that need to be evaluated as well. For more info on how to do it, read these posts:.

I just want to say that I have been on thyroid medicine for over 15 years, I have been talking levothyroxine for several years and I lost pounds in 2 years and 4 months without the gastric bypass. Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on the weight loss. What many people patients and doctors fail to realize is that lots of thyroid patients out there are already eating 1, calorie diets and NOT losing any weight.

You should get an in depth evaluation by a knowledgable physician for further assistance. Just changed to about 6 months ago. In this time have lost 20 to 30 lbs including zumba fitness and eating better. Have been stuck seeing nothing now. Have been thinking about going the natural route with medication but I am concerned on what to use and how much, how often.

I have been on thyroid meds for years,but have started gaining weight. My joints are stiff now and I feel like i did when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have talked with my Doctor and she told me my numbers are good,yet I continue to gain weight and feel tired.

What do you suggest I do along with taking my meds which is Levothyroxine. Take a look at this post here for more info: I have been on levothyroxine for about 18 months and despite the dosage being put up, i have gained over three stone in weight. Thoroughly and utterly frustrating. Sorry to hear about your situation! It can be very frustrating.

I have been on mcg Synthyroid for 5 years and I have steadily gained weight. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child and was wondering if taking Armour would be an option for me. If once the baby is born and I begin to breastfeed would it also be safe? Thank you for this article it was very eye opening. Thyroid hormone is safe to take while pregnant and while breast feeding but it should still be done through a physician.

They say I have hashimoto my white blood count was very high they did ultrasound to check for cancer. But was not that I suffer from muscle aches joint aches fatigue My pituitary glad level are very high when I went to Er. My blood pressure spike when normal blood is very low like over Is at or up but yet I gain weight even off protein diet I take a very low dose for now but I am a wreak dr say there is no other mess to treat hashimoto if I really have this.

Thank you for this article. I was diagnosed at 23 with graves disease. After radioactive iodine I am hypo. I take mcg of levothyroxine. I have for many years. I live in Tenn. And would love for a doctor to understand our story. I go in 2in3 months to have my thyroid levels checked. I will do the basial temp and resting pulse rate and take this to my doctor. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Checking your pulse and body temp is great, but the chances of your doctor acting on that data is very slim.

Hi I found your article very informative. Was diagnosed with toxic nodules in Had my thyroid oblated in Pretty much hurt all the time. Going to talk to my dr and see what we can do. So tired of being tired. Any other advice would be great. Thank you for the help. Look into your other hormone levels like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and insulin. I have been on Synthroid for over 5 years. Have not lost weight, no energy whatsoever, very stiff joints and muscles, although I thought this was from getting older, I am I go to my primary care for followups every three months as he says this is what is required, so I know my temp.

Although, I feel not no much. In fact the aging process is accelerated once hormones levels start to decline. Hi, I have had an ablation to my thyroid due to an extremely overactive thyroid condition.

I was told it was Graves disease. They used radio iodine to kill my gland. I have gained a bunch of weight 75 lbs since and cannot loose any significant amounts. Please help, where do I start. I feel awful with all this extra weight. I now have to take blood pressure meds 2 kinds….. I would check out this post here for help on how to lose weight: I take 50mg synthroid and I notice when I stop taking I lose weight. Not sure what I can do to switch because my Dr is very set on synthroid being the best medication.

You may need to seek out a new doctor who is more willing to work with your specific needs. Most doctors should realize that not every patient responds to medications the exact same way especially hormones.

My weight fluctuates throughout the year, nothing excessive but notice able. I never questioned my medication as I never had a reason too. I guess now I should talk to my doctor about other options. It would be a good idea to check your heart rate and basal body temperature, chances are high that you would do well on T3 medication in some form if it is in high enough doses!

I had an ablation in I have maybe one epasode a year. I am 56 and obese. Having physical issues I feel are related to Hashimoto. Endocrinologist here do not recognize it has its own issues. Some days I can barely walk. Not sure what to do now. In the last 6 months my tsh went from 2. I take beta blockers so my heart rate is always slow, I also have primary biliary cholangitis, b12 deficiency, high bp and high cholesterol.

Any help would be appreciated. It sounds like you may need to find some new doctors who are more willing to work with you. Without changing anything I fear your condition may continue to get worse. I have been on levothyroxine mcg for 33 years now and no matter what doctor I go to and tell them that I am constantly tired never have any energy.

They tell me that it is the nature of the disease that I have oh hypothyroidism and diabetes which I have had for almost 20 years. I cant control my blood sugars unless I eat all plant and protein diet and still will not lose any weight. The only thing the doctor will check and this is all the ones I have been to all these years will only test my TSH and T4 nothing else. I wear a fitbit all the time and my pulse hardly ever gets much over even walking it stays low and my resting heart rate averages about 74 but I have times that it will be as low as My basal body temperature is always below 98 usually runs I am also on several drugs for my diabetes and it still is not where the doctor wants to have it in the mornings.

I would check out this post here for more info: With insulin resistance which is type II diabetes it will be impossible to lose weight. It does sound like your thyroid is also not functioning optimally, but insulin is another huge problem you will need to reverse to start losing weight.

I had thyroid cancer almost 10 years ago and I have to have my tsh suppressed. I also feel hungry and tired. Changing your medication would not cause your cancer to come back. And if your doctor is concerned about you being a poor converter it would be worthwhile to check your reverse T3 levels and see. I have had this issue since My thyroid had been out of sorts numbers reaching … My meds have been increased to where I have been taking mg Synthroid for years!!

I will try these steps and go from there. I take 2 grains of nature thyroid for my hypothyroidism and cannot lose a pound. A lot of other symptoms have gone away, just not the weight. You need some deeper evaluation into other hormone levels. Would you suggest a hormone specialist to see areas that could be affecting the non weight loss? I am in the same boat! Hi, I had most of my thyroid removed about 8 years ago and have been on Levothyroxine since.

My blood work is always normal but I am always sooooo tired and though I have not gained weight, it is very hard to lose it. I have tried the low carb diet and will lose a few pounds the first week then nothing after that. Then I will have a cheat day and lose a few pounds the next week. It is very frustrating!!! I am also diabetic and take meds for that.

I would recommend you check out this post here: You may benefit from changing your medication and you absolutely need to address your insulin resistance. I am on Levothyroxine 2 50mcg daily.

I can only maintain this weight by keeping my calorie intake less than calories per day. Not healthy at all.

I drink high protein meal replacement and take vitamins. But I stay exhausted all the time. You may want to refer to this article: In short you are damaging your metabolism and thyroid function by eating so few calories per day. A better way to lose weight can be found here: You may need to find someone else who is more willing to work with you.

I am been on this medication since Since that time I have gained over lbs. No matter what food I cut out of my diet or exercise I do, I cannot lose the weight. Switching medicines never crossed my mind because I thought this was the only route to take for hypothyroidism. I am open to making changes to get this weight off. Any suggestions on what I should do? What do you reccommend for those struggling with all these symptoms after a Total Thyroidectomy?

I take both Synthroid and Cytomel daily. I have an article for patients in your exact situation: I has total thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer, been on synthroid since then. Blood work shows meds too high but I am so tired I can barely function. Unable to lose weight even though only eating about calories a day.

Tried armour broke out in rash. I also take 2 cytomel a day. Help i dont think my body is absorbing meds. More likely you are just being really under dosed with your medication. Some people need more thyroid hormone than others but we treat everyone the same, unfortunately you will probably need to seek help elsewhere to get proper care. Hello, I live in England and have been on levothyroxine for over twenty years, have back and joint pain, do not eat dairy or wheat eat lots of veg and fruit and mainly chicken, cannot lose weight eat less than cals per day, I am a little overweight but cannot lose any weight by cutting down or exercise, find it hard to swallow and get a swelling in my throat if I eat tomatoes or oranges, my cholesterol was abit high at my last blood test also my potassium levels were high,I have a blood test once a year, my doctor has prescribed the same dose of mg for twenty years, and does not test for T3 my blood pressure is sometimes high but the only medication I am on is for my thyroid, I have had a lot of stress in my life recently and find it hard to sleep, my doctor seems to think my health is ok, but I feel that I have no energy and cannot do as much as I used to, twenty minutes gardening tires me out, I used to spend two or three hours in the garden.

Do you know of any supplements that I can get to help or should I change my doctor I have been with him for thirty years. Just to be perfectly honest with you, you have a lot of work to do to get your health back in order. Doing just one of these things is not likely to improve your health drastically, but doing them all together certainly would help. But I think I felt better and had more energy before I started taking it. My doc perscribed the levothyroxine for this and I have yet to get my labs done again to see if it is working.

I am still very tired all the time. I can almost pin point when this started happening to me, a little over a year ago I was feeling more tired than usual and sick a lot. I also take Hydrocortozon daily and I felt like that was not working at all.

So, I was not surprised that this was happening. But, I have been on the medication now for about 6 weeks and am still very tired and do not feel really any different.

I did not gain weight either when all this started. I was about pounds and in about 2 months found myself down to 84 and got scared. I did not go to the doctor because I had not been eating right because I had been so sick so just started making myself eat more. I have managed to get to 95 pounds or so now.

That was gained before the medication for thyroid was started. I do not know at the moment what I am but am not gaining. I was wondering if there are any supplements I can take to help improve energy levels and help my adrenals as well. I feel like all this is depleting my cortisol totally. I work and when I do that is all I can do for a day. I go to work and struggle to get through the day and go home and to bed.

I will not see my Endocrinologist until July and do not know what she is going to do or check but, I have not seen her for a year now and she diagnosed me over email and does not even know about the weight loss yet. I am not sure if I will even keep the same doc as they have not really been any help.

This sentence says it all. If it was working you would notice a difference. You need better thyroid management and better hydrocortisone management. You should also have pituitary function tested, especially if you are now hypothyroid. I had my thyroid removed 1 year ago today left one and went on Levothyroxine — then six month s later got diagnosed as a diabetic. You will need to address your insulin levels before your body will let go of any weight.

I have been on the corrected dose of T4 and T3 for 2 weeks — I am starting to feel so much better! I can already tell a big difference in my energy level and my attitude. She complained ALL the time about her throat hurting, tickling feel or a slight popping. A major problem sounds like.

Sincerely, A worried parent!!! The best thing you can do is take her into see someone who will look at all of her conditions and give you guys a treatment plan that includes potentially changing her medication and addressing any underlying issues.

She may also benefit from something like neurofeedback. I take Levothyroxin and cannot lose weight. I am so discouraged and feel horrible. My next step is to take dairy out of my diet. I seriously need some help as I look horrible in my clothes and very uncomfortable. I was on mcg synthroid. Migraines, joint pain, brain fog, anxiety, extremely tired with no hope of getting better. Made an appointment with an endocrinologist.

First she added 10mg cytomel. Then she tried armour thyroid. I think I still need 1 more med increase but am waiting till my appointment to discuss.

I have been on Levo for about 5 years. I have always seemed to gain weight slowly. Two and half years ago, I got breast cancer. While on chemo, I went to an Endo. Over the last few years, I have gained 30 lbs. I have been done with chemo for almost 2 years and my weight is still creeping up. Nothing seems to work. Very rare do I get a chance to sit down and rest. I had a thyroidectomy in I began on synthroid and switched to armour in Last year my numbers went crazy and even with increasing dosage I remained hypothyroid and miserable.

Four months ago my new endo recommended tirosint. Initially it went well but 2 months later the sweats and bloating began. Now I have reduced from mg to mg and still feel miserable and bloated. I take 8 — 10 ibuprofin every 6hours or so to help with aches. You might have done better on liothyronine.

Also, make sure you watch your kidney function taking that amount of ibuprofen. I have been on mcg of Levothyroxine for 15 years and have gained 42lbs in weight. I suffered a heart attack just 3 months prior to the thyroid problem Or did I? I also take simvastatin for cholesterol, Irbesartan for heart protection and Nicorandil for Blood Pressure. Because I take Aspirin to thin my blood, I also have to take Lansoprazole to protect my stomach as I have had stomach ulcers in the past.

Such a cocktail of drugs is worrying especially as I am now borderline diabetic too and will soon start on metformin. Could all my health issues stem from an under active thyroid being mistreated? I believe they could and have. Going off of them all at once would not be advised. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 28… 20 years later, I am lbs heavier and always tired … tried to add exercise for over 3 months and just found myself in more pain resulting in doctors saying I had gout … I am not looking to be the girl I once was I just want to be comfortable … I even got frustrated with weight watchers cause I would lose some gain some … Any advice from an expert ….

Whole food based diet that is NOT calorie restricted, and to avoid all calorie restricted diets from here on out — they will only further damage your metabolism.

I followed the same routine, but added in more exercise. I am on mcg Levothyroxin. If you read through the comments you will see that you are not alone. The vast majority of doctors I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid age 15 so 18 years ago.

Your main issue is a slow metabolism which is caused by a lack of thyroid function and probably several other hormonal imbalances. This article was very informative!! I am not sure why my comment was edited to describe what I was taking and the questions I asked… was really hoping for some help in directing me to what I could do next. For the most part, no, supplements are not sufficient by themselves to boost thyroid function enough to completely eliminate symptoms.

And, in answer to your original question, I do think it would be reasonable to try and find a Doctor willing to prescribe NDT. I am also suffering from mrb. I take mkrgr daily of Levaxin. I do not feel well. I have just been to an endocrinolog and I was not to change any medications. I was also told that my blood works were ok. What am I to do? I am exhausted, not sleeping well, not eating at all compared to my weight. I have been taking Levothyroxine for over four years.

This is the only actual prescribed medication I take. I have small nodules. Lately, my hair is falling out again. Supposedly, this is not due to my Thyroid issue. My quality of life is not great. Unfortunately it will be VERY difficult to find the care you need in the insurance model, most of the Doctors who would actually be able to help you only take cash.

But, that is what you need — a Doctor to guide you through this. Hi I had a total thyroidectomy 3 years ago and have steadily gaine weight. I take mg of levothyroxine and havent up until now had any other issues.

However i have just recently had high blood pressure resdings and 7. This has really surprised me as i haven never had this problem before. Your new cholesterol problem could be from insulin resistance or simply because you need more thyroid hormone. I am now at mcg. Weight gain is through the roof. Need to lose 60lbsto feel normal again. I am on 88mg levo, I am not losing weight, I am fatigued and slightly depressed. My dosage was upped about 3 weeks ago from 50 … I do not feel like anything changed, went gluten and soy free nutrition.

I bought these pills for my brother who we always tease about having chicken legs and being skinny fat. And after 5 days, I'm are some results. With diet and him hitting the gym for an hour and a half 3x this week, he's gain 5lbs in his arms and legs. Sure I wasn't expecting him to look like Hercules but they do work if you follow a regime.

Purchased these pills about a week ago, only been taking them for around 5 days but already seeing results on the scale. I've been trying to gain weight recently and eating more hasn't really helped. So glad I found these pills, will most definitely be purchasing again when I run out of this bottle. As a young adult, I found myself to be very skinny and in between sizes for clothes - nothing was really working for me. This is a really great product, After only a coupe days of use I can tell you I can already see some definite muscle gain as well as I feel more energized and motivated to work out.

I was skeptical of the product at first, but it came highly recommended by a bodybuilder friend of mine. Product came on time and the results are already taking shape, so I'm definitely satisfied!

I really like the product which I have started using in my training. I've always been a pretty skinny guy, and recently I've taken the initiative to start going to the gym - I noticed that I haven't been gaining much weight, though.

Took these pills for a days and can definitely see that they work. Will be purchasing again in the future! See all 23 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 25 days ago. Published 26 days ago. Published 5 months ago. Published 6 months ago. Customers also shopped for.

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