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You can read more about my credentials here. It is addictive and could cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches. This page works best with JavaScript. I just came across this article as I researching alternate, healthy caffeine as opposed to Spark. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps to maintain healthy nerve and red blood cells and is essential to the synthesis of DNA and RNA, as well as the production of neurotransmitters. Terrible tasting, but it's fiber.

What is Advocare Slim?

Why “Getting Sparked Up” With AdvoCare Is Not Healthy

By shelby on March 2, I actually gained weight using this. I started the challenge and got to maybe day two before I started shaking uncontrollably from the amount of sucralose in the spark drink. I did some research and found that the spark drink had some nasty side effects so I ended the challenge immediately.

The worst part is I can't return this stuff now. By Kasey Dobbyn on May 5, While the herbal cleanse worked great and the Spark is delicious, those 2 products I would use again.

I wasn't impressed with the supplements or the chocolate shake. Just eat less and move more. By Kindle Customer on February 15, Way overpriced for what you get.

This is just another gimmic in the weight loss world. If you want something that really works just eat less and move more. By Kellie Davis on March 10, Sparke gives me energy to help push those long days!

Losing 8 pounds, 12 inches in 2. Affordable pricing, awesome products helps especially meal replacements for my meals on the go. I recommend this product to everyone. I read on the upset consumers and disappoints on what these products dint promises. This sounds like your distributor was just selling you the products without telling you about them; profit driven.. My heart guys out to you guys. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.

By Belinda Ly on June 18, It was a great product and helped kick start my diet! By kaw on December 12, I did have good results with this. It gives you day by day, meal by meal instructions which is probably the biggest part of it all. I am already a healthy eater so lost around 10 pounds but did not take any other Advocare products with it, which I was told that add'l products would have given me a bigger loss.

It did make me a little irregular, which I am not a big fan of since I am generally like clockwork. But overall, I know someone that distributes this product and see the before and after pictures she posts of her clients on-line. By larry mitchell on September 23, I lost 20 pounds. Get fast answers from reviewers. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

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Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Can you please tell me what wold be considered professional lines of product? And incluse varying levels of affordability? I truly would love to eat more organic, whole foods and learn how to make healthier choices while having a variety of offerings. It make me sick! Anyway, I would love can email or something with some recommendations of professional lines of product. Thank you, Stephanie Clark.

There are many professional line brands. Professional line brands will be more expensive than over-the-counter in general, but you pay for what you get. It is better to get these products through a health professional that understands how they should be used.

Please contact me if you need more help with this at katy thepaleonurse. I understand what you mean about healthy food being more expensive, but it is a matter of investing in your health now to prevent more health care related expenses later.

Have you looked at cutting your budget on eating out in restaurants and other areas of disposable income? Also, there are ways to shop for cheaper cuts of meat the less desirable, but much more nutritious options such as organ meats and times that you should invest in organic versus conventional check out the Dirty Dozen list. Buying directly from a local farmer can sometimes save money too. I will try to write a post soon about this topic.

Best of luck to you! I am an AdvoCare distributor and enjoy the products and how I feel on them. I have tried multiple products and AdvoCare is by far the best. Hate to burst your bubble but we do have a boards of medical doctors that formulates our products and they do go through a process to make sure they are safe.

This is an excellent post. I am a chiropractic that prides myself in lifestyle changes versus quick fixes personally and professionally. I am beginning my quest into functional medicine and I use Apex Energetics.

I literally got on my computer to order Spark for the first time and came across this blog post. I am second guessing it now! I suffer from being tired and fatigued all the time. I have two little boys who have more energy than I know what to do with. Do you do health evaluations or health plans through email? If not, can you point me in the right direction? I have encouraged my family to get off spark for several years. I have one niece that will soon be 30 and she has been using spark every day since she was She tells me that when she misses her spark she just feels terrible.

Do you have any other healthy option that would help her wing herself off of the Spark? I used Spark for over a year. Over time however I started to get shooting pains like lightning in my feet and hands within an hour or two of drinking it. They would take my breathe away at how sharp and sudden they would occur. So I reluctantly stopped. A few years later, I had long forgotten the pains and ordered some more from a friend. I still take a pre workout…like I said low energy…and I am having success with this product.

Your an uneducated idiot. Shame on u preying on people who need help. One of them being there is no caffeine in spark and when you are on the diet you do eat real food. Chicken rice broccoli and other healthy foods.

I had been weary of the products and they way they are pushed on their distributors as well. I have a relative that sells it and to tell her they are unhealthy would be like blasphemy. I can drink cups of coffee and not have that effect! Also I try to eat as plant based as possible and avoid whey protein drinks.

She talks like these guys coaching her are nutritionists, when I know they, in particular, are not. A buddy of mine has been on advocare for roughly 2 months. He is down 70lbs. Also, I have high blood pressure, and energy drinks and supplements concern me. Does this spark drink and any other advocare products affect my blood pressure? I too am a registered nurse with my BSN in nursing however I do not claim to be a nutritional advisor and neither does any of our AdvoCare distributors.

Your information is not entirely correct. As a start, we have a complete Science board that is occupied by very highly known and knowledgeable in developing our products and all our products are 3rd party tested for multiple more ingredients than is tested by the FDA or RDA. Again, I urge you to stop bashing products and companies that you do not have correct information of.

I rest my case! Are there any shakes, etc. My son is playing baseball, and is dedicated to making healthy choices. He eats healthy, eschewing soda, candy, and too many sweets, choosing whole foods. He is wanting, and sees his teammates using, a muscle-building shake to drink ore-workout. A family member just gave him samples of Advocare, but we are unconvinced it is the best way for him to go. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I generally steer clear of protein shakes, but in this case, I would recommend searching for a grassfed whey protein supplement. Anyone can and will find a reason to pick apart a particular program like AdvoCare and Yoli and Beach body etc etc etc.

I can honestly say that those programs have been successful for a large number of people. The ingredients in the products are No different than what you all consume on a daily basis. I have used AdvoCare off and on since and have maintained a 75lb weight loss.

Yes I change my eating habits and had been exercising too. And on the Gluten aspect, that is such a bunch of over sensationalized bullshit. People have eaten gluten for decade after decades without any issues. But if you have never tried it based on words on a label or a perception versus reality, you really should take a step back and say absolutely Nothing about it. There are people with cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, blood clots, etc that have been allowed to use their products and with great success.

I know several of them personally. Not to be antagonistic. I am living proof that it works. But you have to do Everything in Moderation regardless. I drank spark for about 6 months back in and developed uncontrollable and urgent diarrhea. With the help of my doctor we determined it was spark. It took about 4 weeks for my system to rid of its toxins and get me back to normal. I threw it all away because it was poisoning me and put me in some embarrassing situations. Thanks for sharing your story!

I am really glad I found this review from you. I have been using Advocare products for a couple of years now and really wished I had researched just a little more. There are 2 of their products I would like your opinion on 1 rehydrate and 2 catalyst.

I do not like Gatorade because of the sugar. Thank you for any information you have time to give me. Thanks for stopping by. I am humbled by this post. I came across it by googling how long spark stays in your system. I tried only 1 packet today split in two. I am a nursing mom and assured this was ok. I heard 60mg of niacin that is in this is bad for you as well and am freaking out.

Aside from all that I am not used to caffeine. I only wanted to try this to lose baby weight. I typically am very healthy in eating. We eat pretty clean. I have not, but I am not interested in MLM companies that sell supplements or quick fixes for health and wellness.

I just came across this article as I researching alternate, healthy caffeine as opposed to Spark. The problem is, I get caffeine headaches and it kick starts my migraines so my neurologist has stated I do need some form of caffeine during the day to prevent this. Is there something healthier you could suggest? Thanks so much, this article was wonderful and really helped open my eyes!

My advice would be to wean yourself off of caffeine completely and then work to uncover any other underlying triggers for your migraines.

I also get horrible headaches when I take Spark. Your email address will not be published. The positive side of Advocare As a licensed health care provider and certified nutritionist, I believe that it would be unethical and a major conflict of interest for me to sell MLM nutrition products.

Vitamin B12 Chemical Structure. Heather on October 14, at 8: Angie on January 11, at 4: Whoever made this website really needs to do more research before saying this craziness. I am just a customer. Belinda hodges on April 8, at Tracey Bourassa on May 11, at 5: Dylan on January 11, at Brandae on May 15, at 7: Your feedback means a lot! Bridget on December 20, at Pete Curnow on January 5, at 1: Holly on November 28, at 9: Bobby Doyle on November 28, at Tamar on December 17, at Angela Hand on November 28, at 7: Please add me to your newsletter list.

Hi Angela, I will do so. Michael on November 29, at 9: Ava M Curnow on January 5, at 3: Alicia on November 30, at 4: Thank you for mentioning this! Stephanie on December 1, at Thank you, Stephanie Clark Reply. Mary on December 3, at Jen Nelson on December 5, at 7: Hi Katy- This is an excellent post. Chelsey on December 6, at Diane on December 9, at Lindsay on December 10, at D on December 11, at 3: Steve on December 12, at 4: Jennifer on December 13, at 3: Jose on December 14, at Donna L Klein on December 28, at Lisa on December 29, at Thank you, Lisa Reply.

Coleen on December 30, at 8: Eve on January 2, at Thanks for stopping by, Eve! Lindsey H on January 2, at I threw it all away because it was poisoning me and put me in some embarrassing situations Reply. Crystal on January 3, at 6: Tezsia on January 7, at 5: Best of luck in your health journey! Have you done any research on It Works?

Paola Cichocki on January 10, at 2: Hi, Have you heard of FitLine? No, I am not familiar with that.

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