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The culture loves children. It begins with days of little food. Arthur Agatston, the South Beach Diet is a 3-phase plan designed to help you shed weight and keep it off. The five lavish homes worth a combined After that, many of the meals do contain gluten. With a seaside location and a history as a major port for the area, Yanbu has a wide selection of beaches and is ideal for enjoying the water. If you cancel any time after your second shipment, there is no charge.

What Makes South Beach Diet Different

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The coral is amazing and at many of the beaches you are able to easily see the start of the coral in quite shallow water. A weekend at the beach is just a few minutes away and is available almost all year round due to the warm climate. There are also many boat services in the city that offer diving and fishing excursions. You can take a glass-bottom boat tour with the family for a day out on the water. Because of its location and being a small city, travel in and out of Yanbu is a challenge.

The local airport services select flights that may leave you with a five- to hour layover at a larger hub for just a weekend getaway. Also, many of the airlines will cancel flights that are not fully booked in and out of the city due to low demand, so taking a flight direct in or out of Yanbu can be a challenge. However, many international flights leave in the wee hours of the morning 1am to 5am making for a very long travel day. Most days there is a breeze that blows through the city due to the Red Sea; this helps to quell the heat and make the temperatures a bit more bearable.

There are many nurseries available and gardeners are inexpensive to hire to help set up a yard with irrigation and landscaping. You can easily and inexpensively create your own oasis in the desert at your home. With the breeze comes sand storms, which can occur up to three or four times a week, depending on the season. Some can be pretty severe and houses are not sealed well, so sand and dust is everywhere, which can wreak havoc on allergies.

Because there is little to no rain, when it does rain, the city tends to flood, causing houses and roofs to leak. Local authorities are working on installing a drainage system throughout the city, but with such an infrequency of rain, just an hour can cause damage to houses and roadways.

During this time, spending any time at all outside is dangerous, so those staying in the country during the summer are usually hopping from building to building for air conditioning to stay cool. The city is growing, but housing is limited, along with selections of hotels for weekend get-aways.

Most companies offer expats either free housing or a housing stipend that covers the cost of a rental either in town or in one of the two compounds.

The houses range from Saudi style, which can be very large and luxurious with marble throughout, to ranch and more Western style, along with small apartments and flats. Most have air conditioning a must here and newer model appliances. Hotels in the area are quite nice, with the Movenpick and Radisson being the top choices for Westerners.

The Movenpick is a five-star resort located in the Industrial City right on the Red Sea and offers direct beach access to guests. Due to the expansion of the city, housing is at a premium. The city is building constantly, but at the moment demand has outweighed supply. Many expats are housed in one of the local hotels until something comes available, which could take up to five months.

Housing is also older and, due to the harsher climate, most homes need extensive renovation work. They are not luxury homes, but are livable. Hotels in the area, and in Jeddah, are generally quite expensive.

So a weekend away can be very expensive. It is no secret that the Saudi lifestyle is more conservative and restricted than the traditional Western lifestyle. The country is governed under Islamic law and everything in the local culture revolves around this. Both Mecca and Medina are just a short drive from Yanbu, so life in the area tends to be more traditional than the larger cities of Jeddah and Riyadh.

Family is of the utmost importance in Saudi culture. There are more than parks in the city, ranging from smaller to large, all with nice play equipment for the kids to get out some energy. Also, everywhere you look after the sun is gone, families gather for picnics.

Families will stop on the side of the road, in the desert, in parks, practically wherever it is convenient, throw down a blanket and enjoy a meal together. Women must wear an abaya and may be asked to cover their hair in public.

Also, women are not able to drive, so women must rely on their husbands and drivers for transportation. Restrictions are high for women and this includes Westerners in the country. Women cannot ride a bicycle for transportation either, so walking and drivers are their primary means of getting around. Women get more exercise walking here, and depending on your view, you can be comfortable in pajamas all day as the abaya covers everything and is worn over your clothes.

If you like stretch pants or yoga pants, you may never wear jeans again and no one knows. There is no pork or alcohol in the country, which can be a disadvantage for some Westerners. There are alternatives; non-alcoholic beverages and beef bacon, which can offer a substitute.

An advantage of this is that your diet can become much healthier with less fat and cholesterol. Saudi Arabia is a safe country. You do need to use common sense, but in general the safety here is high.

Occasionally you hear of a break in, but in general, compared to the Western world, crime is minimal. Punishments are harsh, which helps to control the crime. Most of the items on the menu are healthier renditions of classics and traditional favorites, like chocolate shakes, muffins, pancakes, omelets, frittatas, sandwiches, comforting soups, chili, fajitas, BBQ chicken, and more.

The menu is designed to accommodate certain types of special dietary needs. Some of the items on the menu are gluten-free, many of them are shellfish-free, and for individuals allergic to wheat, the service can create a wheat-free menu. Diabetic-friendly meals are available upon request. The program is not suitable for vegans and individuals with nut allergies.

The Silver plan is the most affordable plan that allows you to choose from a slightly smaller assortment of meals in comparison to the menu available with the other two plans. You can choose the meals yourself or let the South Beach Diet experts choose the meals for you. In comparison to the Silver plan, the Gold plan allows you to enjoy greater menu variety and comes with snacks included.

Just like the Silver plan, this plan provides you with enough food to last you 4 weeks. The Platinum plan offers all the benefits included the Gold plan, with one important bonus. It provides you with 21 South Beach Complete shakes that contain 20 grams of protein each, with zero added sugar. We were happy to find out that South Beach Diet meal plans are actually highly affordable.

Here are the exact prices. All plans come with free FedEx shipping. South Beach Diet is available throughout the contiguous US. You can expect to receive your delivery within 4 to 10 business days. To make sure South Beach Diet meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages.

With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if South Beach Diet is the right meal delivery service for you. With South Beach Diet, you get delicious meals prepared by pro chefs at affordable prices.

To find out what kinds of delights you will receive in your delivery, we have chosen a couple of sample dishes that accurately represents its offer and can help you decide if it is the right service for you.

If you want to lose weight but do not want to starve, spend a lot of time on meal preparation or waste a bunch of money, South Beach Diet may be just right for you. It is healthy, affordable, and most importantly, it is doctor-designed, safe, and effective.

Not too restrictive Easy-to-follow program Great weight loss results Healthy and tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks Diabetic-friendly Affordable plans Expert guidance and tools.

Bottom Line If you want to lose weight but do not want to starve, spend a lot of time on meal preparation or waste a bunch of money, South Beach Diet may be just right for you. While we put a great deal of effort into making sure that all the prices are accurate, one or more products may have outdated prices. Join our mailing list to receive exclusive updates, giveaways and coupon codes directly to your inbox.

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