Simple Whole Wheat Bread
I did cut the yeast back to one tsp and it was still light and fluffy!!! Hi Jenny, Thank you for whole wheat bread recipe. Is there a way to make either the white or wheat bread not so dense to be more like store bought. I made the whole wheat bread and whole wheat hot rolls and entered them in our local county fair and got a 1st on the bread and a 2nd on the hot rolls, great recipe. The yeast is new but it says 8oz on my package, could this be the problem? Could it be because I use Canadian flour?? Now I should be able to start it when the kids go to bed, and be in bed myself at a reasonable hour.

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The unrepentant chocolatier" , The Economist , 29 October I made the whole wheat bread and whole wheat hot rolls and entered them in our local county fair and got a 1st on the bread and a 2nd on the hot rolls, great recipe. Have made this recipe and it turned out great. Have you every tried to add sunflower seeds or flax seeds to this recipe? Thinking I might try it and see how it turns out.

I grew up in rural Iowa and my mother was a consummate bread baker. My mom taught us all how to make bread. I think she thought if we all knew how to make bread we would never starve. I love the simplicity of this recipe. You cal always tell if your bread is going to be good by the feel of the dough as you knead it. Thanks Jenny for this simple and quick WW bread recipe. Enjoy your blog very much. I am making it now… Waiting 35 minutes for dough to rise.

Never before I had made bread, but you make it look so easy! I will leave a comment when I taste it. Hoe it will taste like your bread! I am adding the one cup measure of milk, the egg, the oil, all that but this happens, which then leads to a lot of cracks in the dough. Can you help me? It could be you are not aerating your flour. I hope that helps. I am wanting to try this recipe soon but I have a question, I am above altitude, do I need to change any ingredients or bake time?

I watched your video then came here, looks pretty simple but I was told that at our altitude my ingredients will need to change.

Can you help me out? I have two questions. Also, would using whole wheat flout entirely make a difference in the recipe?

I let the yeast rise a bit with warm milk and sugar but still use the same total amount of milk called for above. Will this recipe work if one uses a gram digital scale to measure flour? My metric conversion chart might help: I make this at least once a week, usually twice, and its delicious!

Nice presentation… I like cooking at the age of 70 and making good. Now I will try this recipe. Jenny, i made this bread several times now, is the perfect recipe, light, delicious and healthy.

So easy to make. I love your recipe, but am using wheat flour I mill myself and the dough is too sticky. Should I use less milk or less oil? Have tried numerous Whole Wheat recipes but nothing has risen like this, nothing has been as light as this. Close your eyes and it is a soft Rye bread. I made this loaf today replacing the first two ingredients with: The bread rose faster than expected and was really good! There are quite a few online nutrition calculators that are free to use I prefer this one https: Love your recipes I made this bread with spelt flour and all purpose flour, turned out very good.

I have never made a yeasted bread before and was pretty certain my first effort would fail. We made crackers from what ever came out. Two days later tried again, follow your instructions and came out beautiful and delicious! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous recipe. I made this bread today.. This is the very first time making whole wheat bread…. I am an avid baker, and have made many loaves of bread through the years, first time attempting whole wheat….

I am amazed at how well it raised given the fact that it was clearly a tougher dough… It did brown quickly however… so I covered with foil as recommended. My 91 yr old Mom gave it a thumbs up! Second time making this loaf, first time watching the video. Thanks so much for the knowledge! You used almond milk? Did it still turn out great?!!! I have to use milk alternatives and would LOVE to know the outcome!!! I have not tried this recipe yet but have used almond milk in many other bread recipes and it worked fine.

Did not see a difference. The brand of bread pan would not make a difference. Please look at the FAQs for an answer: Followed measurements exactly but dough was way too sticky to work with. It was sticking to my hands and the counter otherwise.

I baked it anyway and still ended up with some yummy bread! I will be using this recipe again. I am new to bread making and I am so glad that I came across your site.

I noticed yours because of the really good photograph. After reading it I was skeptical. After seeing the dough in the video I was even more so.

I followed your written instructions and video to the T and the results were spectacular. I still experiment with other multigrain recipes but this is the last whole wheat sandwich recipe I will ever try. As with every recipe attempt in the past, mine did not rise to the height it should. I will work on that. But the shape, taste, texture, color, sliceability, and flavor are amazing. But way it is. I think readers who have doubts, such as the dough is too sticky so I better fix that, should just trust the video and do it exactly your way once.

I always do that with a new recipe because making changes first will give you vague results. I put the egg in the neck hole of my shirt but it just fell to the floor.

So, no to that. Thank you for taking time to send this helpful note. I hope it encourages more people to trust my recipes. Thank you for sharing! I followed the recipe exactly but found that I had to add even more flour than the extra amount. It was a sticky goo without it. Could it be because I use Canadian flour?? I assume a large egg is the same no matter where. If is rising splendidly…just popped it in the oven! I am just curious about the extra flour I had to add.

I do live in the Canadian North but that should really only affect the cooler temperature of my house. I am enjoying many of your recipes. Did you look at the FAQs? You may find the answer there — let me know. But I manage the extra flour with a routine. I keep a bench scraper in one hand and sprinkle as little flour as possible with the other. I scrape underneath half the dough and fold it over. Sprinkle a tiny amount on the counter and the dough. I stopped expecting it to cooperate and I just keep moving and sprinkling.

Because of the egg it will never look like the elastic dough of eggless recipes. But it has come out perfect every time. To solve the rising problem I cover the loaf pan, run the dryer for 15 seconds, put the pan inside, set the timer for five minutes, and wash dishes. I repeat this seven times and it is ready to bake. Yeast is good and milk was the right temperature.

Will not try this one again. In case you change your mind, the solution is probably here: I had trouble with rising too, but then discovered, for whatever reason, that I had to let it sit for an extra minutes. Even though I had to wait a bit longer for rise, the bread turned out fantastic!

This is now my go-to homemade bread recipe! My kitchen is the no-rise zone so to solve the problem I cover the loaf pan, run the dryer for 15 seconds on high, put the pan inside, set the timer for five minutes, and wash dishes. Super easy and delicious! In any event, it was a simple recipe and baked up perfectly. I added a tablespoon of honey over the top and sprinkled with oats.

I will definitely be making this again. Ok So apparently I managed to be the only one who messed this recipe up. Made twice and each time it would not rise correctly. Milk was correct temp…yeast date good…but I did finally look at my whole wheat flour package and it says stone ground whole wheat flour. I assume that is the problem. I will try the 3rd time with different flour.

I love your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing. Jenny, Just baked this bread today and Its super delicious. Tried other recipes but yours is the best. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I only have 1 and is little narrow on the bottom. And also thank you for your recipe i never had any problem. I just tried this recipe today after so many numerous attempts at whole wheat bread from other recipes I was just about to give up and buy a loaf at the supermarket.

I came home and did one last google search for high rise whole wheat bread and found your recipe. Tried it right away and this was the first recipe that worked for me. My family Loved it. This one is a keeper for sure and blows the store brand out of the way. I did use buttermilk for my bread and turned out great. Thanks a million time for a simple great bread recipe.

I use it in all breads and cakes to substitute for regular milk. But for breads without yeast, I often use beer or half beer and half buttermilk —delicious and it helps dense breads, like whole wheat, rise higher and lighter.

Found this recipe a few months ago and have made it on a weekly basis ever since!! The whole family loves it.. I also brush some warm honey on the top and sprinkle with oats!! Excellent recipe and definitely a keeper!!! I made this last year and just loved it. I thought I would make again for my Mom. Made as directed I mixed in Kitchen Aid for 5 minutes.

Before placing in pan, I rolled it out, sprinkled with brown sugar and ceylon cinnamon, rolled back into a loaf the shape of pan. This stuff was so wonderful. Super fine and the flavor was so different from regular whole wheat. Like comparing fat free milk to cream.

Better than KA too. Thanks for this tip on flour. I love whole-wheat bread, but not when I make it. I just ordered this flour for my next Walmart grocery pickup. But I was able to order it with two-day shipping to my home. Thanks for sharing your flour find at ]Walmart.

That is where I buy grociers so will look for it. I LOVE making breads of different kinds and cinnamon rolls. Jenny, I have attempted your no knead 90 minute whole wheat bread twice.

Because of a dairy allergy I have to use soy milk instead of cows milk. Other than that I followed your recipe to the letter. The first try with a packet of rapid rise yeast came out perfect.

I just made this and I am currently waiting for it too cool down. Thank you very much for your recipe! How many calories would you say are per slice?

Just sliced up this loaf made per instructions above and devoured the big end piece with a little butter smeared on it — heavenly! I love your videos and reading your bio too. This was my first attempt at baking bread so I failed to follow your directions exactly. After some loaves that were like cake hard to slice thin but still good I watched the video. My shaping technique was the problem. It makes a big difference to the texture to shape it as you described.

I like my bread better now. I found you several months ago on YouTube and really have enjoyed watching these videos today I made this bread and it came out perfect! In July I had a major stroke and became completely immobile. Before my stroke I had a very full and busy life. My goal was to do a video blog exactly like this because I loved baking cooking so much but that obviously came to an end and these last four years have been a horrible journey for me and never did I think I would be able to be in the kitchen with any equipment let alone bake a loaf of bread and have it come out perfectly you have been such a blessing to me Jenny I want you to know it!

I post my recipes not for money but just for my love of cooking and the desire to share my passion. To know that my effort has made a difference to someone like you makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much for taking time to write. All my best wishes to you. I love this recipie of yours. It is quick and the bread is delicious. I followed your directions to a T and they turned out perfectly. Jenny, this bread came out perfectly! I have tried to make bread for 25 years and only your easy recipes have brought me success!

I made one change. I cannot do dairy, so I used unsweetened coconut milk the kind in the carton , and it made no difference!! Thank you so much for your foolproof recipes! Have a blessed ! I am brand new to baking bread. I pre-heated the oven to , then turned it off. I then took the loaf out of the oven, pre-heated oven to to another couple of minutes , put loaf back in oven for 30 minutes and my bread turned out excellent!

Thanks, made this in my robot.. Cant wait to try it. Hi Jenny, Thank you for whole wheat bread recipe. Today i tried, it was Soo good and easy to make too. Breaking in my brand new kitchen with this recipe. This is my first attempt to make bread, and thanks to your recipe, it came out wonderfully. I will never have to buy bread outiside again. The bread was delicious too.

Just wondering, could we use this dough for pizza dough? Follow the recipe and directions to the letter and you get a wonderfully flavored bread that is not too dense.

Slices toasted and buttered are dreamy! I love your recipes and your video style.. Please let me know if you would like me to use my suede napkin to clean up that egg you broke in your blouse? Followed the recipe and video for the wheat bread. Shaped the dough and put it in the pan. Seems to be rising but still not there. Should the bread be allowed to cook in the pan, in the pan on a wire rack, in the pan on a wire rack for 10 minutes AND then take out of the pan to cool on the wire rack further?

You remove it right away from the pan onto a cooling rack. Thanks for the reminder! Do you have a whole wheat quick recipe for pizza dough? The bread was absolutely positively delicious easy to make just like you said. I would like to use this as a base to add other things to like nuts, seed, and herbs.

When would I mix them in? I have already given this recipe to one friend within 30 minutes of it coming out of the oven. So I hope you answer. This bread is delicious! It turned out to be perfection. I LOVE this recipe! Thank you a those sand times! It was the first recipe I found out of at least that was for ONE loaf. I screwed up so many loaves trying to halve two-loaf recipes.

Also, I used whole milk and never had the patience to wait for my egg to be room temp. Always turned out great. I am so grateful you posted this and I found it!

I made this bread today. It was so good! Thank you Jenny, I love your recipes and especially your videos, Ilse. What a great recipe. I mixed by hand. Added a handful of sunflower seeds and some rolled oats while kneading. Placed round mound on a cookie sheet covered with corn meal. After it had risen I slashed the top of it diagonally with knife about 10 times. After baking about 15 minutes I brushed it with egg wash. Came out looking like fancy artisan bread. The best bread I have ever made.

Two days it is gone! Hey Jenny so this will help with my 4-H contest it is dealing with quick bread or yeast bread. Im trying to not eat any foods that has sugar. Someone gave a lot of boxes of Farina Wheat Cereal. Could you please tell me if I can use that as a substitute for the wheat flour when making your wheat loaf bread? Please let me hear from you.

I made a macaroni chicken soup the other night as well. Too bad I only had 2 thin slice. I will definitely enjoy eating this, for sure. God bless to u and your family. Hey t I was intent on baking my own bread without buying another bread machine.

My first attempt failed miserably. It was so embarrassing. I thought I had followed the recipe to a tee. Thank you for explaining how to properly aerate flour- I thought sifting was aerating it! I had no idea that yeast even expired. It makes perfect sense, though. My first loaf did not rise at all, was incredibly dense and tasted awful. And it is SO delicious!!! I am so glad that I persevered and I will continue to hone my baking skills. We are all SO fortunate that you decided to showcase your love of cooking with your website, blogs and videos.

You look as beautiful as ever and have definitely been missed!! This recipe makes an excellent loaf of bread. Oh, and thanks Jen for providing both weights and temperatures. Wish more recipes were written this way. Almost makes it foolproof for the home cook once they invest in a decent scale. I might add also that I heated the milk to scalding in a small pot then added butter — not oil — and honey — not sugar. Then I checked the temperature. The additions brought the milk down to the right range.

Besides a good scale, home cooks should invest in a good instant read thermometer. Also, I baked this loaf in a cast iron Dutch Oven — not an enameled one — straight cast which I prefer. I shaped the loaf into a tight ball on a piece of parchment, covered with a large bowl and let it rise on the counter top. When the bread was ready, I took the Dutch Oven out and set it on the counter on a trivet.

Use a utility knife to make a few slashes on the bread — a regular knife tears. I found that after 30 min the bread was fully cooked and browned. My experience with this recipe. Jenny, you make my kitchen life so much easier! Your videos, your humour, your recipes are all exceptional! The next best thing to having you standing at the kitchen counter with me.

I always freeze half of my bread loaves, since there are just two of us and it usually is freshly baked. So glad to know that it freezes well! I just made your whole wheat bread and baked it in a clay pot. This is the most delicious bread I have ever tasted. Thank you so much, Jenny, for your precise instructions and the confidence you convey if one follows them well!

You are the most fun person, I laughed during your demo, and your spatula collection and antique sifter are charming. I made the wheat bread using white whole wheat flour. Just a suggestion; instead of warming the egg in your pocket or bra…to funny , before gathering ingredients I submerge the egg in a cup of room temp water. Then it is ready when I need it. Absolutely loved this recipe! First time ever making bread and it turned out amazing!!!!

How do you add them? My third time making this lovely bread. Second time within a few days! I got a KitchenAid mixer for my birthday last month and wanted nothing more than to try to bake bread.

I stumbled upon your recipe and… WOW! For a novice baker, this made me feel like a pro! Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. However,you must get the air out by stretching,etc. I just found your recipe for Whole Wheat bread on the web …I made it over the week-end.. Will never buy bread again Thanks for a great recipe My only question is I would like to know if you have a recipe for oatmeal bread?

Thank you so much for this wonderful delicious yet very simple to make. I bake alot of dinner rolls and baguettes but I never thought of baking my own loaf of bread at home until last week on the eve of Hurricane Harvey, I was not able to find a single loaf of whole wheat bread in any grocery or bakery. I baked the bread at night meant to be saved for breakfast but it was gone while still hot straight from the oven and ofcoz I had to bake again in the morning and it turned out perfect each time 6 times in 4 days.

Thank you so much , be blessed. I have been making this bread for a while and had hot from the oven when my son and grandson arrived for a visit, My grandson is interested in making his own. He made his first loaf and did a great job.

He is 13 and I was wondering if he would benefit from your cookbook? He loves to cook. This was a great recipe! Definitely saving this one. ALL of her recipes seem to work perfectly…umm…except tortillas. But making pan bread instead a little thicker DOES work.

Unfortunately, no one can vouch for it because I ate them all as they came off the pan. Jenny, I cook a lot of bread, but I mainly use a sourdough starter as my natural yeast for my dough. As you probably know, this means long bulk times before baking so I was looking for a simple recipe I could make in a single evening.

Thank you for putting yourself out there. Hi Jenny, I was quite happy to find this recipe. Just wondering if that affected your rise time?

Thanks for your feedback. When I first starting using yeast, I killed it frequently. Then a friend suggested my water was too hot for the yeast. Lightbulb moment for me. I tried this recipe for the first time this morning.

Thanks for posting this recipe. Jenny I enjoy your videos so much, I go back to them over and over again when cooking. I enjoy your videos and always go back to the when cooking one of your recipes. This is the best whole wheat bread ever!!! My family loves it! And funny enough, my son has never really liked store bought bread but loves this bread!!!! Thanks Jenny for your delicious and easy to follow recipes!

I love the ingredients in this recipe and would like to use the bread machine. I was afraid it would over knead it since this is a quick rising bread. Can you use a regular whole wheat setting? You are so generous with your time, energy and humor! Wow, love the way the bread turned out and it tastes spectacular.

Had to double the recipe the very next day to meet the sudden family demand for it. I did cut the yeast back to one tsp and it was still light and fluffy!!! Did I say it tasted awesome!! Well it did, thanks for sharing!! You had me at warming the egg up in your bra and then crushing it! Thanks for your delightful humor and what a simple recipe that works!!! I did today , Sunday morning to the family , for the first time!!!!

Easy, simple, nothing complicated, Just how I like. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, what have you done!? I will never buy bread again!

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