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One of the bigger questions surrounding such an expensive meal replacement shake. Herbalife has a bit smaller portion size, at 25g compared to the I have the birthday cake cupcake flavor and the chocolate cookies and cream. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. The taste is amazing, and I definitely feel full afterwards.

What is the 18 Shake Diet?

The third meal of the day could be consumed normally, without any Special K restrictions. Throughout the day, an individual is allotted two Special K snacking times, eating any of the following specified snacks: For any additional snack servings, an individual could consume fruits and vegetables. During the challenge, drinks could be consumed normally. Critics of the Special K diet feel that it may leave dieters feeling hungry because of its limited food options and deter people from sticking to the diet.

The diet has been criticised for being too low in protein , fiber , vegetables, and fruits. The diet does not include guidance on how to change unhealthy overeating or lack of exercise and their importance to permanent weight loss. One serving contains 0. In the UK, an advertising campaign has focused on the results of a study run in collaboration with the Department of Human Sciences at Loughborough University , requiring overweight volunteer subjects to replace two meals a day with a bowl of the cereal.

The university's scientists concluded that the majority of this was due to fat loss. In the US, Special K cereal currently comes in fourteen different varieties: Ingredients in Special K include: Vitamins and minerals include vitamin C ascorbic acid , vitamin E alpha tocopherol acetate , niacinamide, reduced iron, vitamin B 6 pyridoxine hydrochloride , vitamin B 1 thiamin hydrochloride , vitamin A palmitate , vitamin B 2 riboflavin , folic acid , and vitamin B In the US, Special K provides meal replacements in two different forms, protein meal bars and protein shakes.

There are eight varieties of Special K Protein Shakes: Kellogg's Special K snacks are marketed as low-fat alternatives to regular snacks. There are five varieties of Special K Breakfast Shakes: There are two varieties of Special K Cereal Bars: Red Berries, and Chocolatey Pretzel.

There are five varieties of Special K Cracker Chips: There are two varieties of Special K Popcorn: Kettle Corn and White Cheddar. There is one variety of Special K Crackers: It was produced in several flavors and has been marketed as a weight-control and weight-loss product.

The product was re-launched in by the Kellogg Company. The product is no longer available. The product was also manufactured in a powdered form as a drink mix that is sold in packets, which is then added to water. Kellogg's produces Special K Protein Shakes. Until the mid, Kellogg's used a special Special K formula that was different in Canada from that used in the U. The discontinued Canadian formula had a different taste which reflected the "Canadian taste preference" according to the Consumer Relations department of Kellogg's in Canada.

Kellogg wants Special K's message to be about self-empowerment, rather than counting calories. Discussing how Canadian women's approach to health management has changed, Natasha Millar of Kellogg Canada said: Skinny is not how she wants to be perceived, but rather, strong. It's not about losing weight, it's about working out and building her sense of self. Denmark has outlawed the addition of vitamins in Kellogg's products since Danish health officials banned cereals containing added vitamins because they claimed Kellogg's Special K wanted to add extremely high levels of vitamin B 6 , calcium , folic acid , and iron , which would reach toxic levels when eaten on a daily basis.

Young children risk liver and kidney damage while the fetuses of pregnant women could suffer complications. The show provided evidence that the iron was not nutritional ionic iron—as it occurs in natural foods like spinach—but was, in fact, metallic iron. I haven't had any digestion issues with it like some other lower quality protein powders. Very tasty with just about an instant mix in a couple shakes. Convenient mixes great and a nice aid in the kitchen for pancakes and the like For me mostly Desert oriented dishes.

Fantastic tasting protein that mixes very well Goes Well With: Strawberries, bananas, and orange juice. This review is for the Salted Caramel flavor.

This stuff is crack. It has no business tasting this good. I go to the gym so that I can justify drinking an additional shake afterwards. As soon as I finish one shake, I want to drink another, but unfortunately my GI can only handle so many of these per day. I cannot get enough of it. If you have a penchant for caramel flavors, dulce de leche, or any other caramel-ish derivative, this is what you want.

First of all, great price for a great product. I bought samples of banana, smooth chocolate, salted caramel, cinnamon bun, chocolate mint, cookies and cream, vanilla, and a couple others I don't remember. I ended up buying big bags of the chocolate mint and cookies and cream, and I have to be honest, I was disappointed.

The chocolate mint was all very strong mint, and I couldn't even taste the chocolate, and the cookies and cream smelled great but tasted bitter and not cookies and cream at all. It's not all to waste, though -- I bury the proteins in with other flavours when making protein oatmeal and the meal tastes great, but on their own they taste very bad.

The samples, which had great flavour profiles, went well on cereal and even on their own in shakes with just water and a bit of almond milk. The bagged protein I had to mix with fruit and stronger flavours like cocoa powder and peanut butter to cover up the taste a bit.

Just bought impact way isolate based on labdoor reviews and also their oats. Super sweet artificial taste. I literally had trouble eating a shake with one scoop. I am not picky about tastes, but the amount of sweetness and disgusting artificial taste just make it impossible to consume. Dong think that changing taste will help here. So I now have these two freshly opened 5. Thinking what to do Then microwave for sec. Skip to main navigation Skip to main content You have added.

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