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His love for sports, biology and children was evident in all his life accomplishments. Caring cremation has taken place. They were satisfied with the progress. Ahlberg Cameras AB is a Swedish high-tech company that designs and manufactures advanced color camera systems and inspection equipment for the nuclear industry. Ski Beach also has horseshoes and a sand volleyball court available at no charge.

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The course includes English origins of ideas of individual rights and limited government, controversies that shaped the American Revolution, the development of torts in the 19th century, and how the controversy over slavery shaped the Fourteenth Amendment. The course gives the student an opportunity to see some familiar legal issues and doctrines in a new perspective and to develop oral presentation and advocacy skills—e.

Offered in London during the summer. Students will move between the roles of clerk and judge as they complete writing assignments pertinent to the work of trial court and appellate court clerks.

Major graded components will include writing a bench memo; drafting jury instructions; drafting a trial court opinion; making a panel presentation and participating in a panel conference; and writing a majority appellate opinion.

Students will be required to draft and evaluate typical litigation documents. Every student participates in both a civil and criminal law placement with direct field supervision by practicing lawyers with the exception of the US Attorney's Office. The classroom component teaches lawyering skills such as interviewing and counseling clients, discovery, negotiation and mediation, expert witness examination, conducting focus groups, and trying real cases. Open only to second-semester 2Ls and 3Ls who have completed these prerequisites: Civil Procedure, Evidence, and Trial Practice the latter may be taken concurrently if necessary.

Professional Responsibility and Criminal Procedure are suggested but not required. The course is designed to provide students with the historical and legal background of legislative advocacy. Students will gain the practical skills necessary to succeed in the legislative advocacy field.

The goals of this course are for the students to understand how to effectively advocate on behalf of a cause, company or non-profit entity, review laws and regulations affecting lobbying and lobbyists, and comprehend the competitive landscape of public policy. It is the goal of this course to effectively train students in all the essential ideas necessary to become an influential advocate before a state legislature or the United States Congress.

Subject matter is presented in a multi-media environment. Exploring interpretation and meaning of such real-world documents and instruments requires more than just studying canons of construction. It also requires exploring: Facility in all these areas is essential to both litigation and transactional practice. This approach is based upon the underlying assumption that our legal system works best when disputes are determined by an impartial judge or jury after a zealous presentation of the facts and law by the attorneys for all parties.

Instead, this mediation practice class is based upon the assumptions that: The course will focus on mediation as a method of dispute resolution from the perspective of attorneys representing clients at mediation as well as from the perspective of mediators facilitating mediated settlement conferences. Students will participate in simulated mediation sessions. Local attorneys assist me by observing students in simulations, guiding and advising students' in-class work and adding to students' practical knowledge from their own legal careers.

Students who have taken Dispute Resolution in the past or who are enrolled in or who plan to take the Dispute Resolution course may not register for Mediation. More than considering the application of ethical codes to particular situations, the course provides students with an opportunity to explore the question of what it means to be a member of the professional class and how this meaning is formed through training and practice.

This course is co-taught with faculty from the schools of divinity and medicine and is cross listed for credit in each school. The course meets over spring break in Nicaragua, with seminars in Managua and field work, with service opportunities, in Boaca, Ciudad Sandino and other areas.

Readings are drawn from all three disciplines. The course is a one-credit, graded offering that will involve a short seminar component before travel and several seminars while in Managua. Students may repeat this course for a maximum of two hours credit. Specifically, you will learn about the law applicable to 1 agency relationships; 2 for-profit business firms, 3 securities offerings and stock trading, 4 non-profit organizations; and 5 mixed-purpose social enterprises.

Of necessity, we will sample topics in each area such as formation of business firms, liabilities and governance powers of firm participants, duties within the firm, financing the firm, insider trading liability, tax implications, and firm dissolution.

Students explore employee leave policies, health care reform, and executive compensation. Coverage includes essential investigation components and pitfalls, as well as the seven basic tools of auditing and monitoring. This course will cover economic sanctions, import issues and export controls, anti-bribery under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act FCPA , foreign investment, and anti-boycott regulations, with a focus on addressing the necessary diligence required for international transactions.

Coverage will include the relevant government agencies regulating international business transactions. Also covered are recent shifts in legal precedent and emerging issues, and an overview of international labor relations issues, practices, and trends.

Specific attention to real world-centered examples, including writing and drafting assignments in various workplace settings to provide insight into the legal context of decision-making and risk management.

Students will also cover the EEOC administrative process. Analysis of the current fee-for-service system and its alternatives, as well as the policies behind these models. Coverage includes issues relating to drug and alcohol testing, criminal and other backgrounds checks, technology, social media, and the cloud, inquiries regarding medical and other personal identifying information, and other inquires, searches, testing and monitoring.

This everyday law is called private law and includes an always increasing, wide range of legal subtopics and specialties. Almost all of these private law subtopics, however, derive from and are variants of three, foundational, meta-legal areas of law: This course introduces these three areas; explores their relationships in business and the economy; and considers how they enable free enterprise.

This class examines the constitutional structure of American government, the processes by which laws and regulations are made, the methods agencies use to enforce the law, and the role of the judicial system.

Topics covered will include civil rights, criminal procedure, environmental law, zoning and land use regulation, health and safety regulation, health care regulation, and financial regulation.

Coverage will include licensing and credentialing, technology, business models, contracts and governance issues impacting the rapidly growing global digital health industry. This course provides the skills necessary to meet the organizational demands of establishing exceptional compliance programs -- that match business complexity -- by teaching students to successfully build coalitions, lead change, and gain funding for compliance projects.

Coursework will include a workplace specific Transition Plan to advocate for funding to either a increase the scope of compliance in one area or b establish a new area of compliance within their workplace. Also covered are antitrust laws governing health care market participants, including direct care providers, hospitals, and other institutional providers, pharmaceutical companies, and other sellers of health care products, as well as insurers.

These relationships involve reputational, operational, transactional, and financial risks that can be mitigated through contracts with vendors. This course is an in-depth look at contract law that focuses on drafting, interpreting, modifying, and enforcing third-party vendor contracts. The course begins with contract creation and covers the entire lifecycle of legal issues involved in vendor contract management, including alternative ways of resolving disputes.

Students analyze how failure to comply with these laws increase risks around litigation, agency charges, and internal compliance audits. Throughout, students consider how to address the day-to-day scenarios HR professionals face in the workplace. This field of law supports a vibrant legal practice for attorneys in a complex regulatory environment. Coverage may include the management of resources on federal public lands, including hardrock mining, the leasing system for energy fuels, and protection of recreational and wilderness values.

Students also examine materials that offer differing perspectives on the NCAA regulatory system. Student performance is assessed on the basis of written memos and in-class presentations that evaluate case studies. Students are given a short final exam. The course is co-taught by Professor Timothy Davis and Dr. The class will complete feasibility and planning for financial intermediary program in the local community.

Patent System including consideration of economic justifications; exploration of basic requirements of patentability including patentable subject matter, novelty and non-obviousness; overview of U. Patent Office procedures; exploration of patent infringement standards and procedures including claim construction, determination of liability, defenses and remedies; consideration of the role of patents in business transaction and licensing.

In this course, we will explore the nuts and bolts of patent litigation. The tour begins with the pre-suit investigation, then moves to cease and desist or invitation to license letters, declaratory judgment implications, and special patent litigation rules in various federal districts across the country. The materials consider the features of a well-drafted patent infringement complaint and the claim construction hearing. The course examines patent statutes and United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO rules governing patent prosecution as well as court decisions impacting and interpreting patents.

In addition to in-class discussions, students will practice writing claims, draft a patent application, a response to an office action, perform a patentability search, and prepare letters to clients relating to patent practice questions. We will cover topics including the role and responsibilities of prosecutors and police officers, various models of policing, forms of prosecutorial and police misconduct, legal claims that victims of such misconduct might bring against prosecutors and police officers, as well as defenses to those claims.

We will discuss the merits and disadvantages of discretion in the criminal justice system and the value of mechanisms to constrain that discretion. We will think critically about various models used to hold prosecutors and police officers accountable for their conduct. Students learn how to draft a simple will, a will with a trust for a disabled spouse or for minor children, a revocable trust to avoid probate, a life insurance trust to provide liquidity to an otherwise illiquid estate, and a special needs or supplemental needs trust to provide for a relative who is receiving benefits from Medicaid.

Students will survey wealth disparities in the U. This understanding has value for students contemplating careers as in-house counsel or in private practice. The course will concentrate on the skills needed in an international business engaged in manufacturing and service activities, though many elements would also be relevant in other contexts such as banking, consultancy, construction, education, not-for-profits, healthcare, and etc.

Topics include compliance, dispute management, business evolution e. The faculty member may limit the number of students eligible for the Practicum Extension in a given semester. The extension may be available for a course taken currently or in a past semester.

A student may enroll in the Practicum Extension more than once if the underlying subject areas for the different Practicum Extensions are substantially different, as determined by the Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The student submits a statement of goals to the faculty supervisor and meets with the supervisor on the goals before the externship begins. The student writes a minimum of bi-weekly reflection papers as well as a final paper. By working through a hypothetical case, students learn about litigation strategy and case analysis while practicing foundational lawyering skills including drafting pleadings, motions, and discovery; interviewing clients and witnesses in formal and informal settings; conducting oral arguments; and engaging in a mediated settlement conference.

The class has a heavy practical focus and includes regular written assignments and in-class exercises. The objective is to acclimate students to the professional world they will enter.

Students will examine individual strengths and interests; learn about career opportunities in law firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other settings; and explore professional habits and values that are expected across all sectors of the legal profession.

Evaluation takes the form of a letter grade. The course will be organized around four units of study: Each unit of study will consist of two components. First, using a hornbook rather than a casebook, we will discuss the relevant doctrines and their application similar to the method of instruction in a bar review course. Second, using actual statutes, regulations, cases, and documents, we will collectively and in small groups address realistic problems in a practice setting. This is not a writing course.

The exam s will consist of multiple choice questions mimicking multistate bar exam questions and questions that require you to analyze a realistic problem based on a small portfolio of provided materials.

The faculty member consults with the supervising attorneys in the office to establish customized learning objectives for each students, achieved through a variety of practice experiences. The number of hours that a student spends at work in the prosecutor's office will be consistent with the hours required for clinical courses.

The student will also complete written exercises to promote reflection on the fieldwork. Prosecution Seminar is a prerequisite; permission of the instructor is required. Reading and discussion topics will create a dialogue between theory and practice.

Students will be evaluated on the basis of a series of practice-relevant simulations and drafting exercises. Permission by the instructor is required for enrollment. Priority will be given to 2Ls who, based on LAWR faculty assessment, will particularly benefit from an intensive writing workshop experience. Students will complete a significant research assignment from a public interest organization in Washington, D.

Students will travel to Washington to meet with the organization to receive the research assignment and again at the completion of the project to present the results to the organization. If necessary, these meetings can be online. The Public Interest Lawyering Seminar is a co-requisite. Students will be evaluated on the basis of a series of short papers and drafting exercises. Enrollment is limited and students taking the public interest externship will have priority in enrollment.

Organized as a seminar, the course brings law and graduate divinity students together to consider what is due a person and what obligations institutions have to provide this and, perhaps of equal interest, what obligations the professionals who lead and advise organizations have as well. It is intended to equip students to think critically about legal policy, practice and analysis and how those areas impact race-related concerns.

Typical topics have included concepts of race; race and constitutional interpretation; education; desegregation; and voting rights. The grade is based on a final paper that can be used to satisfy the upper level writing requirement; class attendance and participation in class discussion; and typically, three to five ungraded but required short reflection papers.

As with other contracts, the form of the loan and the real estate serving as collateral vary from deal to deal and, depending upon the type of loan, may or may not be negotiable. Real Estate Finance will include federal and North Carolina laws. The course will look at what happens when things go wrong, such as defective mortgages, failure of consideration and documentation errors. Real Estate Finance will teach the practical aspects of commercial real estate, including how to interpret and negotiate loan documents, depending upon whether you represent the interests of the lender or the borrower.

Examples from actual closings will be used to see what life as a commercial real estate lawyer is like. The skills learned in this class will benefit students contemplating a career in real estate transactions as well as business transactions.

About half the semester will be spent on commercial real estate purchase agreements and the other half on a commercial lease. The course includes a skills component and students will participate in negotiating and drafting a real estate contract purchase agreement or lease for a hypothetical client.

Property is a prerequisite. The law of the United States, the United Kingdom, and various civil law countries will be examined and compared. This course will also include a significant historical component that focuses on the common foundation of all of these traditions—Roman law and Christian doctrine and custom. Business Organizations is a prerequisite; and Professional Responsibility is a pre- or co-requisite.

Students who take the combined course, Sales and Secured Transactions, may not receive credit for either of the other courses.

Likewise, students who have taken either of the separate courses may not receive credit for the combined course. Both articles, 2 and 9, are included as topics on the multistate bar examination.

Additionally, this course is designed to help you structure a reasonable research and writing schedule in order to complete a thoughtful and well-written paper within the specific time frame. Class meetings will consist of discussion, a series of brainstorming, research, writing, and editing exercises. This course is only available to LL.

Students are expected to work closely with their faculty advisor or seminar paper course instructor in conjunction with this course. The course reinforces graduate student production by refining discourse and promoting pragmatic not just grammatical competence in a scholarly context that includes conferences, academic presentations and critical research papers with a view toward publication at home and abroad.

This course is required for students electing the thesis track and is optional for students pursuing the alternative writing requirement. This course has a backward-looking focus on three types of illegal conduct.

First, substantial attention is given to fraud, such as when big companies like Enron lie to their investors. Second, we explore insider trading. Is it illegal to get rich from a hot stock tip? Finally, we consider market manipulation, or the intentional creation of an artificial stock price. This is an online, problem-based course.

Given the nature of this problem-based approach and the number of topics we will cover, the course will be front-end loaded, with lectures and group work ending in late March. The final exam, consisting of multiple-choice questions and short-essays, will happen during the regular Spring exam period. This paper will be written under the supervision and grading of the professor teaching the course. With the law as the starting point, the overarching questions that define the place of the gay individual in American society will be examined.

We will consider, among other topics, the regulation of sexuality, sexual orientation, gender roles, the workplace, the intersection of law and religion, same-sex relationships, and gay parenting.

Much of the legal doctrine considered in this course will be constitutional in nature, including studies of the right to privacy, the First Amendment, and equal protection. It will provide an opportunity for students to develop their statutory analytical skills by interpreting sports-related cases, statutes, collective bargaining agreements and player association regulations.

The increase in sports sponsorships and the evolution of sports sponsorship away from traditional forms of advertising have increased the range of relevant legal and business issues. This course examines the pertinent legal issues, including agency, contracts, intellectual property, labor, tax and torts.

These converging doctrines ultimately impact whether parties involved in sponsorship relationships achieve their business objectives. The course also offers students an opportunity to develop practical skills through exercises, including drafting and negotiating sponsorship agreements. Guest speakers include state and local legislators, mayors and elected officials. Study of the role of the lawyer in public process and representation.

Course readings will draw extensively on actual case files and documents. This course fulfills the Practical Skills requirement. Under the supervision of their faculty dissertation advisor, S.

It then considers some current responses to these non-sustainable attributes: The course concludes by considering paradigm shifts: Maps and directions are available, along with restaurant guides, complimentary continental breakfast and coffee, a complimentary USA Today newspaper, fax and copy service, roll-away beds and cribs. There is free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms. A mini-mart is in the lobby for guest convenience.

Sunday — Protestant Sunday School, J. The weekly schedule includes religious services, scripture studies, counseling and a variety of classes for personal growth. Opportunities are also available for recreation, retreats, fellowship and community service.

If you are looking for a place to make new friends, grow in your faith and find encouragement for the challenges you face daily, this is the place to start. Existing religious services are listed. More detailed information can be found at www. Nineteen locations in Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama, which include three student-run credit unions at area high schools, combined with online and mobile banking provide worldwide reach.

Pen Air is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution, serving the community and improving lives since We are located at 21 Cunningham St. For a complete list of locations and ATMs, visit www. Visit us at penair. Fire and Emergency Services Gulf Coast Fire and Emergency Services Gulf Coast provides fire suppression, fire prevention, public education, advanced and basic life support services, technical rescue and special operations response for the Pensacola Navy Complex and the surrounding communities.

To report a fire, medical emergency or other emergency, call For business purposes, call Comprehensive Welcome Onboard information can be found online at www. The center is open 7: Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 7: The center is closed weekends and holidays. FFSC provides services electronically, via telephone and in-person in classroom settings or one-on-one consultations.

During the initial interview the client and counselor determine if the situation requires short-term supportive counseling that can be provided at the FFSC. If the situation requires it, referrals to other military and community resources can be made.

Prevention and education are a primary part of this program. Victim advocacy services are available. Under certain circumstances, victims may have the option of making a restricted, confidential report.

Victims usually have the option of making a restricted, confidential report. Typical relocation services include, but are not limited to, providing information pertaining to other military installations, financial planning, smooth move workshops, sponsor training and overseas cultural awareness training.

Typical deployment services include, but are not limited to, readiness, pre-deployment, mid-deployment, return and reintegration, financial planning, and emotional impact. Monthly workshops cover military-specific topics and all aspects of preparing for a second career.

Computer-based job search programs are available for use by appointment. Services include resume-writing fundamentals, interviewing techniques, federal employment procedures, job fairs and referrals to potential employers. The staff provides command financial specialist quarterly training to qualified active-duty members. Primary services involve information and assistance with obtaining resources and support. Training workshops, assemblies and the official ombudsman academy are offered to assist all ombudsmen.

Volunteers provide assistance to retired members and their families in such areas as survivor benefit plans, retired benefits and widow assistance. The department is in Building on John H. By direction of the Commanding Officer, the department is charged with the force protection mission for the installation. Additionally, the department is tasked to investigate, apprehend or detain individuals suspected or convicted of offenses; conduct searches and seize evidence; enforce the uniform code of military justice; conduct interviews and interrogations; control access; and perform other duties in accordance with Navy regulations and law.

The department provides hour emergency service with a diverse team of Naval Security Force personnel. In addition, widows of active or retired service members could also benefit from the programs that are offered by our organization.

Education programs, Budget for Baby workshops, a thrift shop and a visiting nurse program are also offered to eligible service members and their families in the Pensacola area. Society thrift shops enable service members and their families to purchase gently used clothing, uniforms and household items at a low cost. The sales income realized from thrift shops is returned to the Sailors, Marines and their families in the form of relief services.

The thrift store is in Corry Station, Building The store is open 9 a. Tuesday through Thursday and 9 a. If you have any questions, call during normal business hours. The visiting nurse program is staffed with registered nurses. The primary function of the visiting nurse is to provide health education and information about health-related resources.

Visits are frequently made to new mothers and infants, to patients recovering from surgery and to patients with chronic health problems. Service members or eligible family members who have an emergency should contact the NAS Pensacola office during normal working hours, 8: Monday through Friday at to schedule an appointment. Corry Station, Building between the bowling alley and gym , Computer access, free Wi-Fi, gaming systems, phone-charging stations, televisions, snacks, a family area and somewhere to relax are part of all our physical locations.

Other programs offered are: All USO Northwest Florida programs are free and are open to all active duty, dependents and retirees. Military ID required for entry. NAS Pensacola is in three geographically separate areas: It is closed weekends and governmentholidays.

The beach is staffed with lifeguards 10 a. Memorial Day through Labor Day. Eligible patrons may use picnic tables and cabanas on a first-come, first-served basis at nocharge. INDOOR POOL Building The indoor pool is available for evening lap swim, masters training, youth swim team, group and private swim lessons, aqua aerobics, water polo, lifeguarding certification classes, active-duty skill swim and recreational swim during the fall, winter and spring.

During the summer, programming and open hours are limited. Recreation and lap swim are available at no charge for active duty and their dependents, retirees and children age 5 and under. A nominal fee is charged for retiree family members, DOD personnel and contractors.

The pool is next to the medical clinic and is only open limited hours. For more information, visit Building or call The yard recreational pool has a toddler platform, an in-water climbing wall and a foot slide. The yard lap pool offers five lanes for adult lap swimming from 11 a. Aqua aerobics, group and private lessons, and camps - from marine science to junior lifeguarding - are offered.

Visit the Aquatic Office in Building or call for moreinformation. Enjoy a casual dining atmosphere in a working museum exhibit. Hundreds of plaques from the original Cubi Bar adorn the walls. The lunch menu consists of signature soups, gourmet salads and deli sandwiches. Catering and large group reservations areavailable. Lighthouse Point is an ideal location for events such as wedding receptions, retirements, anniversaries and holiday parties.

The club is on Radford Boulevard in Building The bar is open for the after-work crowd Wednesday through Friday, and lunch is served 11 a. The club also offers a variety of special-event space for groups up to in our ballroom and to groups of in the Goshawk and Dining Room. More intimate groups of up to 40 can use the Bay Room, which overlooks the Pensacola Bay and allows access to the beautifully landscaped lawn and walkway to thebeach.

Open daily 6 to A full breakfast menu features omelets, skillets, pancakes and homemade sausage gravy. The lunch menu includes sandwiches, burgers and wraps. The triple decker club is a favorite along with red beans and rice, greens and house-made gumbo. The restaurant offers the perfect casual atmosphere to plan your next event. The Oaks Lounge is open 11 a. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and 11 a. It is available after hours for catered events. For catering, call For more information call, The Game Room and Food Court areas are open to all hands.

The enlisted club offers music, professional DJs with light shows, karaoke, Latin nights, seven big-screen TVs and special events such as UFC fights on pay-per-view, hypnotic comedians, comedy shows, Super Bowl parties, holiday parties and more for enlisted personnel E-1 through E-6 active duty, Reserve and retired , dependents of these, as well as GS6 and below.

You must be 18 or older. Open to all hands, the Game Room has pinball, 14 pool tables and other arcade games. Children under 18 must be with a parent or guardian prior to 6 p. No one under 18 is permitted after 6 p. The center provides full-time and hourly care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. The center is open to all active-duty military, DOD civilians, Reservists on orders, DOD contractors, other federal employees and retirees.

To request care in any of the Pensacola area Child and Youth Programs, visit http: Monday through Friday The Youth Center is accredited by Council on Accreditation as a program that provides exemplary developmental care for school-age children. The Youth Center is available to authorized family members K SAC offers before- and after-school care during the school year, camps for school breaks and summer, and hourly care for children K Teen program activities are scheduled for youth 13 and older.

Certified trainers are on site and can provide equipment orientation and individual fitness programs as well as large and small command PT. A large functional fitness room offers classes Monday through Friday; for more details check out the fitness schedule. The Portside Gym is in Building The gym offers two basketball courts with volleyball setups, speed bags, heavy bags and cardio equipment.

You must provide your own hand wraps and boxing gloves. Command PT sessions are available upon request. Reservations for courts can be made through Portside Gym by calling A wide range of group exercise classes for all levels of fitness are offered.

For sports enthusiasts, there are basketball courts, complete with volleyball setups, and two glassed-in racquetball courts. Reserve a racquetball court by calling the front desk. Read Golf Course boasts27 championship holes and an hole par 60 executive course. All tee times for the championship course are available up to seven days in advance. No tee time is necessary on the executive course.

Club and cart rentals, a practice facility, club repair and storage are available, as well as a fully stocked golf shop with complete equipment sales.

Club professionals are available for individual or group instruction by appointment. The Oaks Restaurant and Lounge is on the upper deck of the clubhouse and is open to thepublic. Applications can be downloaded fromwww. Library Building The station library is at Chambers Ave. The library offers a variety of fiction and nonfiction in both print and audio formats, along with an educational DVD collection. Materials for educational and professional development are included in the collection, which features heavy emphasis on aviation, the Navy and naval history.

Titles on the reading lists for all five services are available. In addition to internet and Navy-Marine Corps intranet computers, the library has a scanner, a photocopier and a microfiche reader and printer.

Some services may be provided for a fee. The program targets single or unaccompanied active-duty personnel between the ages of 18 and 25 stationed onboard Naval Air Station Pensacola. The Liberty Center contains multiple TV-viewing areas, featuring the NAVY Motion Picture program over titles , free billiards, free Wi-Fi and computer use, free laptop and iPad use, free printing and faxing, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game systems with all the newest titles and equipment, free popcorn during evenings, as well as free daily bike rentals during daylight hours.

Liberty Center is open daily, includingholidays. The coordinates for the No. Marina berthing includes floating wet slips with electricity and water, 30 covered dry storage, dry storage spaces and 12 beach storage spaces. Transient dockage is available, not to exceed 14 days, which includes restrooms, showers and laundry facilities.

A sailing qualification card is required to check out a boat from the rental fleet. The room has an inside seating capacity for 64 and a large outside covered deck with seating capacity for another 50 to Adjacent to the marina is Serenity Point fishing area, which features a byfoot fishing deck, byfoot covered pavilion, barbecue grill and picnic tables.

It is open daily for daytime use only at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. The marina is open to all authorized military and DOD personnelonly. Other amenities include two boat ramps, 32 floating wet slips, dry storage spaces for privately owned boats, four rinse and flush stations, and gas and diesel fuel. The written test can be taken during regular operational hours; practical tests are 9 to 11 a.

The result provides the customer with the basic information to safely operate all rental equipment. Located near the back gate, Sherman Cove is just off the Intracoastal Waterway and five minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. It is open to military, DOD, retirees, contractors and family members.

Call for times and movies, or check the MWR website for schedules. It is about 20 minutes outside the back gate of NAS Pensacola. The park is open for RV, primitive, group and day camping and also provides numerous group and family picnic areas.

Additionally, there are 12 two-bedroom mobile homes for rent as well as one-room camp cabins either daily or weekly. The park has three laundry facilities for patron use. Dry storage sites are behind a secure fence and are rented on a monthly basis.

Sailboat, paddleboard and kayak rentals are available Friday through Monday on beautiful Perdido Bay. Sailboat lessons are given each Saturday and Sunday by reservation. An hole miniature golf course and three great playground areas for the children are available. The park has Danger Zone Paint Ball, featuring all the latest equipment and supplies.

Recently, 10 new Trek bicycles and geocaching were added to the outdoor recreation programs. There are three popular hole disc golf courses. Palmetto Course caters to the novice. Pine Course is for intermediate players. Oaks Course is for the advanced player. All 54 holes have professional and amateur tee boxes.

Disc Golf is open to the public. The park is handicapped-accessible. Reservations are accepted six months in advance for DOD and retired military personnel and one year in advance for active-duty and reserve personnel. Reservations can also be made online at www. Reserve the patio for groups with less than 50 people or the pavilion for larger groups. Additionally, there are six small group picnic sites and numerous individual picnic tables throughout the park. Reservations for the group picnic areas can be made three months in advance by active-duty and retired personnel and two months in advance for DOD employees.

Individual picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Accommodations include restrooms and outdoor showers, a fishing pier and beautiful waterfront for wading and swimming when lifeguards are present. Come rent a canoe, kayak, paddleboard or other camping equipment and enjoy some time outdoors. Looking for a nice afternoon hike? Check out the Bayou Grande Nature Trail. The trailhead is behind the rental office. Ski Beach also has horseshoes and a sand volleyball court available at no charge.

Ice is for sale on-site. Read Golf Course Bayou Nine. The park is open from dawn until dusk, daily. The rental office is open 10 a. The park also houses a bathhouse, laundry and gazebo. There are 14 two-bedroom and 12 one-bedroom, fully equipped rental cottages that overlook the beach.

There are eight primitive tent sites and two tent platforms under the large Naval Live Oak trees near the beach, with a fire ring and picnic table. There is no power in this area. His proudest accomplishments were his family and his sobriety.

He was a member of AA and by the grace of God he had days of sobriety. George gave the gift of life through Life Line of Ohio. He is survived by his wife, Vicki; children: March 6, - Died: Port Charlotte, formerly of Lancaster, Ohio Visitation: Graveside service will be held at 11 a. A memorial service will be held at 6 p.

Call for information. She moved to Port Charlotte in She was preceded in death by her husband, Woodrow Wilson Butler; a son, Donald Butler; a granddaughter, Tamela Hench; a grandson, John Fitzgerald Beatty; and several brothers and sisters.

Box , Boca Grande, FL January 22, - Died: Butts, 75, passed away on January 9, She was born at home in Pennsylvania on January 22, Phyllis was a school teacher for 42 years. She was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. She enjoyed playing golf and Mah-Jong and cheering for the Buckeyes. Private family services will be planned at a later date. Nick Byers, age 17, passed away on Sunday morning, April 5th, He was a senior at Liberty Union High School, who ran both cross-country and track.

He was also a member of St. Bernadette Catholic Church in Lancaster. He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Richard C. Burial will follow at Basil Memorial Cemetery. Family and friends may visit from and P. July 16, - Died: Campbell, 52, of Lancaster went to be with the Lord on Sunday May 17, She was born on July 16, in Lancaster. Diane will be remembered as the greatest wife in the world, and as a loving, mother, grandmother and sister. Diane is survived by her husband of 21 years David L.

She was preceded in death by her mom Sarah Budnick. Funeral Services will be held 7: Per Mary's wishes there will be no services. Mary was the daughter of Harold and Gladys Weaver. She had a brother Stanley. Mary has lived in Jacksonville, NC for a number of years. She was a 4-H leader for 25 years. Her husband, Russell H. Camp; daughter, Josephine Stilwell; and sister, Lillie Miller, died previously. Burial will be in Union Cemetery. Friday at the funeral home.

Memorials may be given in her memory in care of Johnson-Smith Funeral Home. July 17, - Died: Carroll, 32, Baltimore, died Sunday, Jan. He was a social member of Baltimore VFW He is survived by his wife, Mollie D. Phillips of Baltimore; father, Russell K. Carroll of Baltimore; grandmother, Mildred R. Edward Welker of Baltimore; and many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins.

September 06, - Died: She was preceded in death by her parents and brother, Russell Eugene Senig. Interment will follow at Grandview Cemetery. She is survived by one son and daughter-in-law, Ronald and Jayne Young of Pataskala; seven grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her husband, Chester C. Burial will be in Tschopp Cemetery. Clark, 84, of Baltimore passed away on Sunday, May 30, She was also active with the Baltimore Senior Citizens.

Funeral service will be held at Burial will follow in Glen Rest Memorial Estate. Friends visit from and pm Thursday at the Johnson-Smith Funeral Home, Baltimore and 1 hour prior to the service at the church. Donations may be made to New Zion U. Church in memory of Helen. C lark, Howard F. Howard spent his childhood growing up on a farm. As a young man, he owned and operated his own business. Later, he became employed with the Lancaster Glass Corporation working his way up to manager of sales.

He retired in after 34 years of service. Howard was an avid boater both on and above the water. He enjoyed golfing, fishing, and was an avid raconteur. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions in Howard's name may be made to: Box , Millersport, Ohio Online condolences may be sent to: Published in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette on January 4, October 19, - Died: Lois was born Oct. She was preceded in death by her husband, Denver Buck Clark. Caring cremation will follow.

Survivors include her husband, Virgle W. Kitty Wertz, Columbus, Ms. Shirley Lehmkuhl, Temonium, Md. Jerry Hourigan, Laurel, Md. Edward Sensenbrenner officiating; burial in Wesley Chapel, Columbus. Sunday at the funeral home. She was a graduate of the Thurston High School where she played basketball; later she attended the Columbus Business College. Watson, Courtany Blevins and Emma G. She was preceded in death by her husband of 67 years John E. Clum in and her parents, Don and Floe Wolfe.

Funeral service will be held Monday January 7, at Burial will follow in Lutheran Reformed Cemetery, Thornville. Box 64, Thurston, OH in Jane's memory. Published in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette on March 03, Mary was a graduate of Liberty Union Schools. Over her lifetime, she worked at many different jobs including: Guisinger's office, and Grant Hospital life flights.

She also traveled with the Red Cross for over 16 years as a phlebotomist. Outside of her work, Mary had many interests. She enjoyed painting, baking, sewing, and was able to play many instruments by ear. She was preceded in death by her parents; and nephew, Douglas Sanders. A funeral service will take place on Saturday, April 14, at Burial will follow at Union Evangelical Cemetery. Family and friends may visit on Friday, April 13 from P.

Published in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette on Apr. C onrad, Virginia Springer - Born: She was a retired legal secretary and later was a homemaker. She is survived by her husband, Dave F. She was preceded in death by her parents Robert and Ethel Springer. Funeral service will be held Saturday at Friends may visit Friday from and p. Memorial gifts may be given to the American Cancer Society, E.

Condolences may be sent to fsmith funeralhome. Amy Kathleen Roshon Cook, 39, Baltimore, passed away at home, surrounded by her family. During her 7 year battle with breast cancer, she was an inspiration, role model and gave courage to all of those around her. Amy is and always will be a member of Trinity United Church of Christ. Amy taught at Clinton Elementary School for 8 years. Burial will follow at Violet Twp. Friends may call and p.

He was preceded in death by his wife Nadine, in , and his second wife Donna Crist, in He was also preceded in death by his five brothers and two sisters: Also surviving are his grandchildren: Following his discharge from the service he served as a physician and surgeon at VA hospitals in Indiana and West Virginia.

He moved to Jackson in and joined the staff of the Oak Hill Hospital. After retiring from general surgery he continued his medical practice in Jackson until his retirement. He also served as Jackson County Coroner.

His energy, dedication to his profession, and love of life was evident for the many years he lived and worked in Jackson County.

He was an avid golfer, loved ballroom and square dancing, traveling, reading, and was a life-long learner. His later years were filled with weekly visits from his sons, and until recently, many dancing events with friends. John was a member of Christ United Methodist Church of Jackson and many professional and medical associations.

He was a lifetime member of the Franklin Valley Golf Club, of which he was one of the original founders in His life was a life well lived. He was a good and gentle man and will be greatly missed by his family and friends.

Visiting hours will be held at Christ United Methodist Church from noon until 2 PM, on Saturday, March 12, , followed immediately by the memorial service. Arrangements are being handled by Mayhew-Brown Funeral Home. Published in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette on Mar.

Services for Joseph W. Cook, 72, of Circle Dr. Cook was a retired U. He is survived by wife, Mary; brothers, David P. Margaret Hunt, Whitehall, Mich. Friends may call at the funeral home anytime. Lewis, with his innate sense of humor, would have chuckled over such an opening line. Modesty was one of his chief attributes. But the Basil native, who was paralyzed at the age of 18 in a diving accident shortly after graduation from high school, never let physical handicap deter him from leading a busy life.

Through the long years he was a constant inspiration to friends and acquaintances. With the aid of devoted family members, Lewis conducted several businesses by telephone and mail, became an authority on the history of early canals and covered bridges and of the Baltimore-Basil community.

He wrote many published articles on historical subjects and served as a news correspondent for newspapers. A lover of nature, Mr. Cook arranged many tours, particularly in the Hocking Hills. In the spring and fall months he enjoyed trips by motor with relatives and friends. The door of the Cook home was always open to visitors who came to Lewis for advice, for information about people and happenings of the area or for just an hour of inspirational talk.

His indexed office file was large but greater still was his never-failing source of humor and optimism from which his associates drew renewed courage to meet the problems of a troubled world. The son of the late David S. Weaver Funeral home, Baltimore where friends may call any time.

Paul Lindsey is to officiate. Burial in Basil Mausoleum. The family suggests contributions to Basil Methodist Church. C ook, Patrick C. Pat and Sharon K. Cook; brother, Richard Ray; paternal grandparents, Mr. Lancaster Eagle-Gazette, 20 Nov C ornelius, Robyn A. Funeral service will be held Saturday April 14, at the Pleasant Ridge Church. Friends may call from p. Friday at the Wellman Funeral Home, Laurelville. A memorial service for Kathryn Jane Cotterman, 70 of Newark, will be held at a later date.

Kathryn enjoyed gardening and reading. In addition to her f ather, she was preceded in death by a step-sister, Eva; and two nephews. The family would like to thank the Newark Healthcare Centre for the excellent care they provided during her stay.

Cottrill is survived by his mother, Mrs. Richard Shirley Reedy; Mrs. Gene Janet Young and Mrs. James Charlene Cartwright, all of Thurston; grandmother, Mrs.

Elizabeth Stimmil, Logan, and many nieces and nephews. Services for Robert L. Friends may call at the Frank E. Smith Funeral Home anytime. Cottrill was a graduate of Liberty Union High School.

June 14, - Died: She graduated with a bachelor of science from Miami University and a master of arts from Kent State University. Lois was a member of St. Lois is survived by two sons, James and his wife, Charlotte, of Huntersville, N. In addition to her parents, Lois was preceded in death by her husband of 65 years, Raymond Boyd Craig; one sister, Eleanor Leiter; and one brother, Howard Leiter. December 28, - Died: He was born Dec.

He graduated from Ohio State University and served as superintendent of schools in Baltimore. He and his wife, Lois, moved to Belpre where he became assistant superintendent of Belpre City Schools.

He remained active until recently and will be missed by family, church and community. Helen was born February 5, in Baltimore to the late Wilson H. Helen is survived by her son F. Helen was preceded in death by her husband Fred F. Burial will follow at Millersport Cemetery. Friends may call Sunday 1 until 4 pm at the funeral home. Creiglow, 86, of Carroll, passed away Saturday, Oct. She is survived by three sons, Larry E. She was preceded in death by her husband, Lee Creiglow.

Burial will be in Amanda Township Cemetery. Connie Cripps, 61, of Lancaster, passed away at her home on Saturday, July 13, She retired from Nationwide Insurance after 35 years. Connie's greatest love was her pets, Snickers and Fancee, and her flower beds. Connie is survived by her brother, John I. She was preceded in death by her parents, Betty and John I. A funeral service for Connie will be held at Family and friends may visit from 4 to 7 p.

Wednesday at the funeral home. Special thanks to her friends and neighbors, Eric and Janet Keener. Box , Alexandria, VA To send condolences and sign the online register, please visit www. C rist, Rodney L. Rodney L Crist, 62, of Baltimore, OH, died peacefully at his home on January 18, after a courageous battle with cancer. Rod was a lifelong resident of Baltimore, Ohio.

Rod was a loyal husband, father, grandfather, friend, and Buckeye. He spent many hours delighting his grandchildren, taking them for boat rides on Buckeye Lake, and being the doting Papa. He readily gave of his time to many community organizations.

He worked tirelessly for the Liberty Union-Thurston Schools and was President of the Board when the new high school was dedicated. He also enjoyed his role as the chief funnel cake maker for the Lions Club fundraisers.

Rod was an avid Buckeye and never missed a home football game. D aft, Calvin R. October 3, - Died: He was born on Oct. He was a member of Christ United Methodist Church. He was preceded in death by his loving wife of 69 years, Mary Kathryn Daft, in ; and one brother, Gilbert C. Daft of Redlands, Calif. January 11, - Died: Veteran of the U.

Interment at Obetz Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made in his name to the funeral home. February 22, 3 - Died: Darst, born February 22, , was called home to be with the Lord on May 22, Loving husband, father, grandfather, and friend; he was preceded in death by his wife, Thelma. A funeral service will be held on Wednesday, May 28 at Burial to follow at Floral Hills Memory Gardens.

To send an online condolence and sign guestbook, please visit www. Davis, Ralph - Ralph L. Davis, 89, passed away, Monday, March 12, at Parkside in Westerville. Member of Berlin Presbyterian Church. He worked for North American Rockwell and Navistar as well as farmed.

Friends may contribute in his memory to Capital City Hospice. Published in The Columbus Dispatch from Mar. D avis, Raymond E. He was a retired 30 year employee of Crown-Zellerbach Corp. He was a member of the Mt. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Dorothy L. Funeral service will be held Monday at Friends may call Sunday from and p. Memorials may be given to The Pickering House in Raymond's memory. D avis, Wayne E.

January 09, - Died: He was employed 42 years at Vory's Brothers, Inc. Burial will follow at Glen Rest Memorial, Reynoldsburg. D elong, Jean L. Lanter Roshon and moved to Baltimore, Ohio when she was six weeks old. Jeanne graduated from Liberty Union High School in Baltimore where she was active in a variety of activities.

President of Berean Class Trustee Chair of Nurture and Care and Membership Committee and also served on the Pastor-Parish Relations Board, nominating and personnel and building committees, as well as the friendship class.

She was a member and past president Entre Nous Club, a member of the U. Jeanne was also well known for her musical talent having been a popular local professional piano player.

She played professionally at Shaw's Steakhouse and The Lancaster Hotel and performed in eight states. Jeanne was honored when asked to play the piano on Sidwell's "Susan at 75" boat on the Muskingum River, the organ on the Snyder boat on the Ohio River, the calliope aboard the Delta Queen on the Mississippi, as well as at a beautiful antebellum home in Natchez, Mississippi, on its large piano in its music room.

Jeanne worked as a legal secretary in Baltimore as the assistant credit manager at Gaylord Container Corporation for five years. She retired as administrative assistant to the director of operations of Ralston Purina, with offices in Columbus and Circleville, Ohio. Jeanne is survived by children and their spouses, Charles D.

Jeanne is also survived by brother-in-law, Bob Foltz; as well as many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Charles D. Calling hours will be from and p. Services will be at 1: Mike Donelly and Pastor Ben Foulk officiating. Burial will be at Maple Grove Cemetery in Baltimore. September 10, - Died: Carol Deyo, 66, of Mount Vernon, died at home on April 18, , with her family by her side.

She was born September 10, to the late Richard E. Magnuson and Norma K. A former surgical veterinary technician, Carol worked tirelessly to rescue injured and abused animals and fought to change the laws regarding injured wildlife in Ohio—most notably two injured deer and four raccoon slated to be destroyed in Knox County last year. She had a beautiful singing voice, a loving spirit, and an incredible work ethic.

She never complained, and above all, believed in the power of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, and lived her life as an example of that. She loved her family, friends and unique family of animals and will be so sadly missed by all. Friends may call Tuesday from 5—8 p. Burial will follow in Mound View Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to: D oomy, Carmen M.

She is survived by her children, Heather D. Doomy and Christopher D. She was preceded in death by her husband, Darrell A. Doomy, mother, Phyllis D. Taylor and grandfather, Bob Doomy. A graveside service will be held Sunday, April 15, at 2: She worked for over 20 years for Society Key Bank as a customer service representative.

She was preceded in death by her father, Marion E. Cahill; and brother, Marion E. Burial to follow in Carroll Cemetery. February 26, - Died: Marvin was born on February 26, and passed away on Friday, February 26, Marvin was a resident of Baltimore, Ohio at the time of passing. Cremation Friday, February 26, He was a loving and caring husband, grandfather, great-grandfather, and brother. The funeral service will take place on Tuesday, March 10, at 1 p.

Survived by; her husband Floyd E. Funeral services will be held 1: Friends may call and P. On-line condolences may be made at www. Her devotion to public service began in the early s when she and her husband Terry took emergency phone calls in their home for the Pickerington Police Department as volunteers seven days a week.

She went on to become police dispatcher for the village of Pickerington, and spent the rest of her career with the city of Columbus Emergency Dispatch Center. She enjoyed working in her garden, reading, genealogical research and the American Civil War. Carolyn was everyone's "go-to" girl, the person they could count on for help solving any day-to-day problems.

She will be sadly missed by her Columbus police family. Carolyn is survived by her husband and soulmate of nearly 45 years, Terry, who was with her through all of life's trials and tribulations, and was at her side always, even at the very unexpected end. Their 44 years of devotion to each other was an example and inspiration of what true love and marriage stand for.

The world has lost one of the most kind, gentle and caring of souls; we will all miss her deeply. D umond, Francis "Paul" - Born: Dwight Dumond, brother of the deceased, who resides in Ann Arbor, Mich. D unn, Georgia Stilwell - Born: Georgia Stilwell, 63, of Lebanon, Ohio, died peacefully June 24, Well known for her quick wit, a sense of humor, and an ability to make everyone feel welcome, she found ways to capture and share her joy for life.

She taught English and journalism at New Richmond H. She taught an online masters course in journalism for Kent State with husband Wayne. With a passion and talent for music, she was one of the Dickens Carollers and Jay and Company. She produced most of their shows, directing several. To many, she was LTC. She was a member of a local homemakers club and the Lebanon Marathon Bridge Club. She also leaves behind an immeasurable mark on people she knew and worked with.

The family will receive visitors July 18 from p. In lieu of flowers the family asks for donations to the Lebanon Theatre Co. Arrangements by Oswald-Hoskins, Lebanon. For full obituary please visit www. Dupler, of Lancaster, died Thursday, July 15, , at her residence. She was a retired school teacher from the Liberty Union school system, with 20 years service.

She was preceded in death by husband, Ralph Dupler. Burial will be at the convenience of the family in Fairview Cemetery in Rockbridge, with the Rev. No calling hours will be observed. Arrangements are being handled by the Frank E. Robert Drury, age 69, of Pickerington, died Sunday, August 26, Robert was born to the late Robert and Freda Drury.

Donations may be made to Lifeline of Ohio, Kinnear Rd. She was born April 5, , to the late Don and Barb Ruckman.