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You are not a paper doll, and what was a good healthy way to lose weight for one person may not be for you. Then we begin again. Ginseng may cause headaches, tremors, agitation, and has been reported to rarely cause manic episodes, especially if used with antidepressants known as MAOIs such as phenelzine Nardil , tranylcypromine Parnate , isocarboxazid Marplan , or selegiline Emsam. Women who fall into these groups should speak with their doctors before taking ginseng. If it is above 6. No other vestiges of buildings are distinguishable'.

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I've found on another site that raspberry ketones rarely causes skin rashes in people. It made sense then since I've had skin rashes when using some cosmetics. So, no more raspberry ketones for me. Even if somebody reads this blog and still wants to try it, I would actually advise to not use this supplement if you've ever had a skin rash following use of any perfume or cosmetic.

Hey guys, don't forget that everybody is different. A product that works for me may not work for you. Don't judge the product itself, the products is good. What are you looking for? You know …I used to trust Dr Oz, but these days it seems like his show has just turned into advertisements. I've checked out some of the items he pushes and they're pretty expensive. It makes me wonder how much of a kick-back he's getting to push these products onto the public. I was reading the info on his site regarding the Raspberry Ketones.

On the last page of info, it listed the references for the information, which I'm going to post below. Are these valid references? I looked at PubMed, so I see what you mean about not having the clinical studies to back up their claims, but I'm interested in their references and if they are valid.

I plan on letting Dr Oz know what I think of his advice. Thank you for looking out for us. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Cation-exchanged montmorillonite-catalyzed facile Friedel-crafts alkylation of hydroxy and methoxy aromatics with 4-hydroxybutanone to produce raspberry ketone and some pharmaceutically active compounds. J Org Chem ; Effects of capsaicin on lipid metabolism in rats fed a high fat diet. J Nutr ; Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol ; Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone.

Alterations of autonomic nervous activity and energy metabolism by capsaicin ingestion during aerobic exercise in healthy men. Enhanced energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans with high BMI scores by the ingestion of novel and non-pungent capsaicin analogues capsinoids.

Effect of capsaicin on substrate oxidation and weight maintenance after modest body-weight loss in human subjects. With all due respect, Raspberry Ketones were my fat burning miracle for 2 months and I lost 30 pounds of raw fat. If thats the case congratulation, you have found a miracle fruit. Oz's show should be shut down. I never heard of so many new "miracle pills" supported by a doctor on one show before! I'd love to know how much he's making on each fantasy pill he mentions on his show.

The lazy miracle-searching women who watch and buy his recommended products should be ashamed. They give women a bad name. Get off the couch and put the oreo cookies in the trash! Raspberry Ketones — if they work — are suppose to reduce your appetite. The loss of calories then results in weight loss.

Of course it failed to cause weight loss. Clearly there was no real research done on your end pal. Nor was there even an elementary understanding of the mechanisms of fat and metabolism. Ketones are released when the body is in a state of fasting. They send a message to the brain to go looking for energy within instead of from foods. Since there is glycogen depletion in a fasted state, white adipose tissue aka fat, is utilized as an energy source. Having a higher concentration in the order of, well, anything higher than normal of these Ketones supplied by raspberries or anything begins this message to the brain to eat body fat for fuel because there is nothing else to be had.

This happens dangerously to diabetics with ketoacidosis. But in a non diabetic environment ketones supplied artificially theoretically do a good job in counterfeiting a fasted state thereby initiating fat to be the primary fuel source instead of our countries sad addiction to glucose derived from addict levels of carbs.

Get your science right before you go of half cocked. Trust me, I'm a scientist. I also value your honest opinion about this. I have been taking 7 keto and the green coffee bean extract that doctor oz recommends and I have lost 20 lbs in 2 months and went from size 28 plus size pants to a I will be trying the raspberry ketones soon.

I don't think this works for everyone because we are all different. You have to find what works for you. I did not change my eating habits other than I ate less because the pills curbed my appetite and I did not exercise.

I am now exercising because I feel so much better. I can visibly see the fat disappearing. I've lost weight and I believe raspberry ketones DO work. I respect your opinion but you shouldn't bash something that YOU haven't tried or done the research for.

It does make your body act as if it were THIN. My appetite has decreased on a healthy scale. My metabolism has increased, and I monitor my progress with body media, a device used to monitor calories burned, etc.

Nothing against you, Andrew but if we aren't just supposed to take Dr. Oz's 'word' for it, why should we just take yours? He is, in fact a medical doctor, correct? And you are, in fact, not a medical doctor or even a medical professional, correct? If you are, you seem to have left that out of your bio. I understand you have been formulating vitamins for a long time and I do not believe in 'miracle weight loss pills' but apparently, synthetic or not, it has helped some people lose weight.

I'm not a fan of Dr. Oz and I don't watch his show. I'm just curious as to what makes your repeating yourself over and over again more reliable than someone else especially when that 'someone else' is a medical doctor, speaking on medical issues and you are a self-proclaimed law school dropout?

I think what works for one person may not work for another. You said it wasn't about Dr. Oz but honestly, it sounds very much like you take personal issue with him 'pushing' this particular product.

Do you have any articles related to the show "The Doctors"? Why are you all the while hawking your own brand of pills and supplements more believable than Dr.

Oz or any other doctor, for that matter? Just started raspberry ketone today. Decided to weigh and measure myself so I can keep track of weather this is working. I do exercise and eat healthy, but since menopause I just cant seem to loose anything. I am looking to loose about pounds…I read every post here and from what I can see, its an individual thing.

I have never used any supplement before. So far the only side effect I have is that when I burp, it tastes like fruit: If you want to lower Blood Pressure and lose weight on a permanent basis then seek the oldest medical science of all and add yoga and meditation to your lifestyle and you will be slim, trim, year younger; but most of all Happy…This is not just Truth; but the Whole Truth, so help me God….

There's an ancient procedure called "Panchakarma" this is the primary preventative medical modality for total and complete purification of the Human Nervous System; it involves ALL Three; Body, Mind and Spirit and addresses them all on the level of the Body in a SPA like Environment, with diet recommendations; organic herbal preparations, ETC. I did fall into the scam and bought a couple of bottles of Raspberry Ketone but have not noticed any "miracle weight loss" form from my waist line.

How much money is he making off of this or did he get paid to mention it on his show??? Thank u Andrew for your feedback.

I normanlly try not to purchase anything unless it is one of your products. For the fact that dr. I bought the Rasberry Keytones, my energy level has noticeably increased, my appetite for food has decreased and I honestly feel amazing since taking the Rasberry Keytones.

I honestly love this stuff! This raspberry ketone was a BIG disappointment to me. I'm menopausal and have struggled the weight loss issue for a long time. In my younger years I had no problems losing or maintaining weight. I tried this raspberry ketone along with exercise, keeping a log of my low calorie intake and I only lost 2 pounds in a month.

I have lost this and more without this raspberry stuff. I hate the first 4 letters in dieting. I have lost pounds. It took almost 10 years to lose the first 40 and only since March to loose the rest. I lost it with a change of meds and using a Bullet and Andrews Whey protein. I do a shake for half fruit and half veggies plus the whey. Thanks Andrew for your great products. Listen people, you can't just expect a few weeks on raspberry ketones, to automatically lose weight for you.

You can't eat a ton of calories and take raspberry ketones as a cure. However, if you are on a diet and exercise regularly, you will notice a big increase in weight loss when you are taking raspberry ketones.

Monitor yourself on a weekly basis, only if you are trying to lose weight by calorie counting, and then start taking raspberry ketones. You will notice your weight loss improves. However, if you were listening to his show, it specifically states that you see much better results with exercise. He also misleads by saying in a few days you will see a difference. This is not true. However, in a couple weeks you will.

I think people expect to do nothing and get this amazing results and that is unfair. Most of the comments are probably people who do nothing and then complain when they don't lose weight. My Sister is a recovering alcoholic and needs to take this. I would like to find a supplement that is not a hard pill for her. Please make one in a capsule form. Thank you Andrew for this important money saving information.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and exercise is worse than difficult as I lose my balance way too much. I have tried and tried!! I was hoping to use the keytones to boost a weight loss for me but because of this posting to the web, you have saved me a great deal of money.

I will just drink water as that is the best boost I could have. Thank you Andrew for posting the info on raspberry ketones, i do try to keep my weight down due to cancer so i have to watch what i take as supplements thanks again. When you have the credibility, success, and practice of Dr. Oz, then I will consider your opinion.

I limit my calories and I exercise daily. I also made a change in diet and I workout 6 days a week. The pill definitely doesn't work on its own, but I've definitely noticed a difference in the amount I sweat while working out when I take it and when I don't. Normally it takes a pretty good workout to build a sweat for me, but when I take this before, I start sweating during my warm up stretches.

As far as curbing hunger, I can't account for that. My body tells me to eat all day! I think people need to remember that there are people that can't loose weight, regardless of the pills they take, the food they eat or stop eating more often than not , or the exercise they do.

We need to relax because not everyone is heavy because they are having a passionate love affair with McDonald's. All to often we forget that over weight people have been around as long as humanity itself and we have started to blame every extra pound on society. I know for a fact that my family really struggles with weight and dieting and exercise will never make us thin. My mother is unable to exercise, her doctor tells her not to, she has dermatomyositis a degenerative muscle disease, so not only can she not exercise but she was put on steroids for about a year which made her gain weight.

My mother could be very discouraged by this and not even try to lose weight but she saw her limitations and what her body couldn't do and she worked around it.

She's lost around 60 pounds in five months and that's without exercise. So, to lose weight you don't want to blindly follow the guidelines that society has set up, it could harm you, if my mom exercised like every weight loss expert says she has to she would be in massive pain. The effects on her body could be as bad a holes opening in her hands and at her joints.

You need to know what your body need, we are all far to unique to just blindly follow someones advice. My advice for loosing weight? Talk to your doctor, actually find out if you are missing some of one vitamin or chemical or too much of another.

An example is, if you are a woman and you have extra testosterone than you will have a harder time loosing weight, a disease relate to excess testosterone is called PICOS, it's a genetic disease so multiple female members of your family would probably have it.

The doctor my cousin goes to thinks she might have it which would explain why none of the diets she tried worked. Which is devastating for her. She's 16 years old, just about 6', with big bones and she has tried just about every diet she can at this age and not one, no matter how little she eats, how much health food she eats, exercise, pills, none of it made a dent because she didn't know how her body worked, why it was retaining that weight.

Now, if the doctor is correct, it's simply a matter of getting the right medication and lowering the testosterone for her to get a kick start at loosing weight.

Now I'm going to repeat myself. You, and your situation, are unique. You are not a paper doll, and what was a good healthy way to lose weight for one person may not be for you.

Don't worry if it doesn't work for you the way it did for your BFF, brother, cousin, husband, etc. Do what your body needs you to do not what society thinks you should.

I'm eighteen, I've been overweight for as long as I've been alive, and I've heard take this pill, do this exercise,and or eat this food just as long and I finally got fed up and just said I was going to make up my own diet and all I did was remove things like bread, potatoes, rice, grains in generally, and I removed sugar. I ate mostly vegetables, chicken, pork, and no sugar added yogurt with fresh fruit and a few other things and I lost ten pounds each month, my mom did the same exact diet and lost half that.

It was my diet, what I needed to lose weight, not my moms. It will be your diet, not Dr. Oz's, not Andrew's,and not some obscure weight lose expert's. It will be your's. Thanks for the facts. I was actually tempted to buy this stuff even though I know better! I have used some of Dr. OZ weight loss regimens and has had no problems!!!! I lose 35 pounds in 2 months using some of the supplements he recommend plus eating clean and exercising.

Everybody bodies responds different to certain things! What works for me might not work for you! Some of the suff he recommends fitness professionals use. Supplements are a dietary aid not a miracle. Great article, I'm a Naturopathic Doctor and it's unfortunate that some Doctors prey on the publics ignorance for profits.

After one week of taking raspberry ketone from Sprouts health food store, he lost half of his belly. I have been weight training for 54 years; I have never seen a dramatic change in weight like this.

Maybe you'll get your own show someday like Oz. Raspberry ketones are a natural thermogenic agent, due to their ability to stimulate the release of norepinephrine. By directly stimulating fat cells to mobilize and excrete their fatty acids, consuming raspberry ketones results in increased fat loss and increased thermogenesis.

Raspberry ketones have been discussed on major television talk shows, including Dr Oz's show, concerning how they may benefit weight loss. This supplement should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Morimoto C et al. I almost bought it, because I dont watch dr oz and his pitch seemed believable. It was hard for me to find any legit resource on the subject. Every "consumer report" I looked up were tricky ads by the Raspberry Ketone sellers.

I found the same article 3 times under different authors names claiming she was a reporter who tried it sceptically as part of an investigative report. In each "article" there was a different brand plugged. I'm about 30 lbs over weight, a 34 year old woman and decided to hit it hard. I started taking the Hi-tech ketones I got at GNC daily, along with having quality mostly raw calories a day and exercising at least 4 times a week. There is no easy way. I am feeling much better physically and know that my heart is healthier so I'm taking those benefits as my reward for my hard work.

If the weight decides to come off then it does. I'm just gonna keep doin' what I do because it's the right thing for me to do. I try things with an open mind, prepared to fail, and hope for the best. I use this for a mental boost in the morning. I have been using raspberry ketones for about two weeks. I just began seeing results losing about 1 pound every two days. But I also eat under calories a day… this is my normal diet and I have found that the supplements are helping me lose a little more quickly.

It will bring quite unpleasant physical symptoms at the very least. Our knowledge about pathophysiology of obesity is very limited. Even the idea of "the calorie is a calorie is a calorie" is wrong. A calorie of plain sugar is somewhat more than a calorie of a lean protein — just because your body has to spend more energy to utilize the latter one into fat. Evidence-based medicine is a good thing for researching things which are a common; b have few cofounders and variables.

It is easy enough to design and conduct a good study about, say, bacteria remaining on skin after cleansing it with different antiseptics. For problems involving dozens of variables such as obesity — counting all individual variables of diets, day regiments, gender, genetics, ethnicity, etc. I guess you're aware of it. In the same time, it regularly permits marketing as "safe and effective" of meds which, after a period of time, are pulled from market or are given "black box" warnings due to causing life-threatening side effects.

I think you're aware of it, too, and also about why exactly it happens. Try to compare European and USA studies about clinical use of melatonin, for example, then think about thousands of shift workers and elderly patients who're prescribed habit-forming benzodiasepines instead of melatonin which could be more beneficial for them.

I take melatonin for night shifts, and it works great. I also take raspberry "ketones" and they work great in terms of depressing appetite and "carb craving". I am not obese was lbs. That was done within a month. If you believe in evidence-based medicine and nothing else, that's your right. But even EBM doesn't exclude anecdotal reports. If raspberry ketones, or snake oil, or whatever else, helps some people to manage their health problems better and without any side effects, then you cannot deny the benefits of it, even if the cause very well might be pure "placebo effect".

Me and my friend started taking the raspberry ketones and have noticed a huge decrease in our appetite.

I am not look for a quick fix just an aid to boost the regular exercise I do to lose weight. Should you buy the supplement from any where , No. Will it work for everyone, No. There are side effects to everything you put in your body.

I had some tummy pain and burped rasspberries for several hours, which many people are complaining about. I have not lost weight but am less tired commonly noted and less hungry also noted , but I am deciding if I will continue in the light of the Comsumer Reports article on side effects of supplements! I bought a bottle of labrada rasberry keytones and I wa skeptical.

But after two weeks of using this supplement I weighed myself and was surprised to. See that I had lost 8 lbs, it fluctuates a couple of pounds daily but I really havnt been dieting and I still lost and my clothes fit a lil better. I am not sure about other brands but trhis one works for me. Raspberry ketone CAS is a synthetic flavoring agent moderately toxic on ingestion and poisonous by intraperitoneal route.

It is a combustible liquid. Oz specifically did clarify and say it is not exactly a miracle. He did state that used along with a healthy diet and exercise it could show great results. He asked the nutritionist on there and she is the one who said it has been a miracle for her patients who have tried it.

There is not enough research out to even be the judge what he said. Maybe you should wait to post something like this when you KNOW the facts based on research on humans. I appreciate getting some of the facts. I wondered about the claims made on Dr. I understand he's supposed to be quite reputable, but I still found myself wanting more "research, research, research" to back up the claims being made.

This is the first of many, many sites that wasn't trying to sell me something well, or trying to pretend that they weren't getting a kickback from someone trying to sell me something. Thank you for the skinny on this new diet wonder. I guess it's back to the gym! This is the first time I've ever read any of your articles and I am utmost glad that I did! I'm not here to debate whether the product works or not but I do have a problem with people acting so surprised to know that natural herbs and other natural things help with weight loss.

For instance, everyone became so psyched about the Acai and mangosteen deal. They claimed them to be "superfruits. It's not a surprise that raspberries and acai berries are good for you and that they help you lose weight. They HELP you lose weight, meaning that other healthy habits need to be adopted to lose weight.

If you simply eat a diet rich in non-processed and organic foods and exercise daily, you'll "miraculously" lose weight! It's not rocket science. It's simple to understand that proper diet and exercise help you lose weight.

I stress the importance of non-processed and organic foods because it was when additives and other non natural things were added to food that Americans became so obese. I know that organic eating and exercise works because I lost 90lbs in one year doing just that. It takes dedication and definitely lots of research to make that lifestyle change. Taking those pills won't help you lose weight any faster than healthy eating and exercising. I've also observed that many of the people that I know who struggle with weight loss make excuses.

I've heard people say "I don't like to cook. It sounds harsh but it is what it is. At the very least, order meals that contain non-processed or minimally processed ingredients if you just absolutely refuse to cook. I noticed that there was no elaboration on HOW the product shrinks fat cells.

What exactly does it do to shrink fat cells? What exactly is the process in which the product cuts up the fat in the cells? Once the fat is cut up, how is it burned? Does the fat convert into energy or does it work similar to that Alli product by preventing fat absorption? Unanswered questions like these make me skeptical and essentially deter me from buying a product.

What about the fat that collects around the organs? Does this product help with that also? Weightloss companies never talk about that.

I'm done ranting for now. I enjoyed reading your article and I will be looking forward to trying some of your products. I definitely agree with what Alexsis said. She hit the nail on the head.

What one person's body needs may differ from the next person. Many health claims are generalized statements. I found that eating organic has really had a positive effect on me and my body.

It's not safe to just blindly follow a health trend or even to listen to some of these so-called doctors without knowing your own body. For instance, it is recommended that you consume at least 2, calories a day. Personally, I don't believe that calories are the culprit. Also, there's no way in Hell I can eat that much. The amount of food and the types of food you should eat is dependent on your body, your health, and your goals.

Sorry Andrew but they are working for me! Too bad you got beat to the punch. Would have been nice if you discovered these huh? Jealousy is bliss my friend! First of all Andrew seems honest and concerned. I can not afford his vitamins. However I did take raspberry ketones, I did lose 20 pounds.

As importantly, I did Dr Atkins diet. My body went into ketosis which has a distinct odor. My point is while on the ketones my body DID burn fat and the smell of fat burning ketosis was also present while taking the ketones. They work for me is all I can say!!! How do we know you are not lying?! If he says that maybe they did work for those people everyone's body is different! I'm just saying I'm sticking with them and see how they work for me. I am glad I read your article about this product, I have never heard of Dr Oz and believe that any doctor worth his salt would not be advertising products that are going to make him money, oh yes you can be sure that Dr Oz didnt do the ad because it works but for the kick back he will receive,I ask myself why is Dr Oz making ads instead of practising the medicine he studied for, has he been struck off?

I dont know, but when I see doctors making ads that will make them money I have doubts about them. Having read as much as I can about this product I have no illusions that weight loss come from healthy eating and exercise not from this product.

Well I hate to burst your bubble here. I have been off body by vi for sometime now. I just needed to comment on Dr. Oz premiere show this season. Titled Taking my Name Back,! He is a specialist as a Heart Surdeon, not a nutionalist I believe. He can not be that ignorant. Is he not making enough money already? I find it sad to take advantage of viewers. They are looking for this miracle pill, and ordering every item he claims gets rid belly fat, or any area that we ate insecure about.

His show should be renamed Diet Dr, Guru because that is mostly all he talks about. I miss the shows about all health issues. Please move on Dr. Oh and if Keytones worked for you than I am extremely happy for you. Have a Good Day? Ok, so if it's not a miracle in a bottle then what is it. I have tried dieting and exercising and instead of losing weight, I gained it.

Started taking the raspberry keytones with my diet and exercise regime and suddenly I go from gaining weight to losing it. Thus far I have shed five pounds and I've been using it for two weeks now. Care to tell me how its not helping me? Mind you I was dieting and exercising six months prior to taking the pills. I began a diet and exercise program , using myfitnesspal. Same calories in, same amount of exercise. So I am astonished, but definitely encouraged to keep using them — why wouldn't I?

I have tried other formulas that claim to speed up metabolism, but none of them have made any difference. This one definitely has! People get desperate- esp when its so hard to take off the weight. But this stuff does NOT work- tried it with exercise and proper diet-Nothing!

Thanks for the strong answer. Dr oz didn't say don't diet and don't exercise and just use rk's. I'm a bodybuilder who gets very lean. There are a ton of great fat burners on the market when combined with diet and exercise. I use fat burners and also take RKs with these other formulas.

My fat melts off. It's a combination between diet supplementation and exercise. So stop beating on dr oz he also says you need to diet and exercise. My start weight was lbs. Didnt even try…they just worked! I'm a type 1 Diabetic and have always been taught that Ketones are bad. I know that when my body is sick with ketones I do tend to lose weight but it is life threatening.

How are these Raspberry Ketones different? Perhaps Oz's show on raspberry ketones wil accidentally make people aware of the real ketones acetoacetate generated by the body for fuel when food is scarce, or, pay close attention , when the amount of ingested carbs is decreased, and amount of fat is increased. There's tons of anecdotal evidence of the liver producing ketones when we ingest medium chain fats like those in MCT oil or coconut oil to help with the dementia associated with Alzheimers.

There may be a prescription oral ketone ester available in several years developed just for this. I just purchased the ketone pills to find out for my self what the hype is all about. You never know who to believe cause everyone is out to promote something. Thank you for a dose of reality in this silly craze. I'm constantly amazed by the high degree of ignorance out there.

For those people, please take note of just a few basics: So if you run out of your initial supply of some supplement around this time, it's almost certainly irrelevant to any weight loss slow-down you experience.

Good luck in your efforts, but let's get real. Does it really not work? Hello andrew I thank you for the information, but I wish I had read into this product a little bit more before buying it. I have been taking raspberry ketones for about a week now and honestly I have expierenced no weight loss. Although I have been getting really sick. I havent been taking the pills for about a week and my stomache is still upset. I wouldnt advise anyone take these to lose weight at all.

I was just watching the show and had my cc out to order but wanted to find it cheaper but natural so stumbled on this article. Boy am I glad I did! Thank u andrew for posting this information about raspbery ketone,i got so excited about it,and wanted to try it myself,i'm glad i read your article first before ordering this produt. Thank u so much for being honest. Wth 4 ketones a day and walking I'm 2 pounds shy of loosing lbs in 8 months. Just took a moment to research the Keytone-Craz….

Well, back to the basics. Eat right and excerise. That I know works!!!! Thanks, this was soo helpful! So glad I didn't get sucked into this nonsense. Adam, what is your oppinion on the It Works! Do you think they're worth it or a waste of money? This is about Dr Oz as well. Why being in the public eye and supposedly having such qualitative knowledge does he support something that's totally false.

Used Raspberry Ketones for 4 months…. I do exercise, and I'm on a greenbean, stewed tomatoe, and cottage cheese diet now. I'm 36, and almost died. Just a note to all….. I started seeing lights Bright White Lights — like someone had taken a camera and took 50 pictures with the flash, right in my eyes , and ringing in my ears was AWFUL! Someone young, and healthy might be able to take these, not me! Oz crap that doesn't work. I took these pills religiously for over two months. I gained half a pound in that time period and I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary nor consume more of anything.

I needed to get down to my optimum weight of roughly pounds and was hoping this stuff would help shed that fat in my middle that just doesn't seem to go away. I had liposuction so there is no fat between my endodermis and ectodermis so its all inside my abdominal wall.

I thought the Pure Raspberry Ketone people had a money back guarantee but after calling and then reading the fine print there is absolutely NO Guarantee that this stuff will work. They agreed to take back any unopened bottles for a refund of a pittance if I shipped it back, but no guarantee standing behind the claims they make as to weight loss.

Perhaps the Raspberry Ketone thing might have an initial placebo effect, as long as folks believe it will work, then for a while, they will believe the lie and they will temporarily lose weight. I was thinking about buying these miraculous pills but fortunatelly I found your article. Thank you for being honest I think the weight-loss business is one of the biggest ones and one of the most tricky ones. They also have a testimonial by Rachel Ray along with a video of Dr Oz on one of the websites.

She not only promotes the raspberry ketones but a colon cleanse as well! I do NOT trust this woman, because she would sell her mother to make a buck. If this stuff truly worked, then Dr Oz would have used his good friend Oprah as a great example. Why wouldn't he give it to her and parade her out there? Because it doesn't work. I'm glad someone finally said something about this. None of it is true and I'm appalled they are goading people into buying into their lies using a TV doctor.

I wonder daily how much they had to pay him to put on that show. My roommate uses those pills granted I fear constantly for her chances of annorexia, seeing as she's only lbs and losing more and more and got the cheapest she could find in a buy one get one free package. It's absurd people would actually believe this. You're reputation precedes you. You're products have lived up to your words. Thank you for the factual information on this product. Thank you for the warning and research.

Before falling victim to my raspberry ketone purchase, I knew the person to check with would be you, Andrew. I have never tried any diet pills because I didn't believe any of them would work, but since Dr. Oz is touting raspberry ketones as a miracle diet pill, how could it not be true? He must be getting paid to advertise them is all I can think of.

Thank you again, Andrew from saving me from wasting my money on a "miracle". I knew I could count on you! In the mean time, for me, it's back to eating a healthy diet and getting more exercise to drop my 10 pounds! HI…I was interested in trying this product, but i see here you say is not real…well I was wondering if you had any REAL suggestions for people like me who truly wans to burn fat? Is there anything you can tell me that might work?

Oz would make a good snake oil salesman. He's gone over the top in his claims. Either he believes everything that he touts on his show, or he's just enjoying the feeling of guru to the masses. Thank you for saving my hard earned money.. Was just about to go to for Raspberry Ketone and now I'm not.

I like you Andrew but I think it needs to be made clear that Dr. From what I have seen and heard, he is simply making people aware of what alternatives are out there, especially the ones that are less well known. He also has a team of researchers check out any product claims.

Oz openly states that it makes him furious when people think that he is promoting any particular product or brand. In fact, so much so, that he even had a show about all the products that were falsely being promoted online by placing his picture or name next to the product. With that said, just put yourself in his position.

What if every time you get on TV and talk about your vitamins, you find your face next a similar product or Dr. Oz took the time to put bash you all ove the internet. I know that you are not a doctor, yet I have always respected you and your opinion. In fact, one of the reasons I have purchased your products is because you are such a likable and mellow mannered person. However, hitting Dr, OZ below the belt is not only out of character for you unless you are just acting but it can hurt your overall business.

I hope you were just having a bad day when you wrote this. I have been taking raspberry ketone slim for 1 month now, and was very skeptical at 1st, but Andrew, Im 56 yrs. Other than that I have not changed my eating habits but find i feel not hungry as much and have more energy. I am not sure where anybody is getting their information from there is information all over the place about this product, don't feed into someone who wants you to buy only their products Andrew.

There is a dietitian from Kent State University who says this product works so well that they are afraid of people abusing it. So do research for yourself people, don't just follow what one person has to say. I feel sorry for the people who believe it is a hoax and don't try it.

It works…when nothing else did…IT did! Well I have tired them and I lost 5lbs in a week so just like anything else I am sure they work for some and not for others and it was a 5. I have never heard of Andrew until tonight when I stumbled upon your website. I have been investigating Raspberry Ketones for a week now and I am so confused its unreal. My brother is a personal trainer and I am his sidekick, working out and eating properly is VERY imprtant but I feel if somebody tried Raspberry Ketone and It works they should not be bashed for it.

Good luck everyone no matter what you decide!! When I first watched the video, I immediately know that it was good to be true.

I am a Food Scientist and I know how research in these areas conducted. Studies with test animals can't always reflect same outcome for human subjects.

Also as you mentioned in your article, they fed in such high doses compare to their body weight that trying to bring the same results for human subjects it will be hard to reach to same concentrations through supplementation with mg pills etc. Even if, studies conducted on humans can not always reflect true results for millions of people around world. It is good to know that there are people like you puts information for consumers to make them more aware.

I never trust products that claim to be "weight loss miracles", however I have read this to be healthy regardless of it's weight loss benefits. The last sentence says "In fact, I would strongly caution against it's use. Well my son has been taking this pill for 2 months.

He was and now is no diet change at all this DOES Work I have just started taking it and no diet change have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I am amazed at some of the comments on this site I stumbled across. There are quite a few of you who seem to be just gushing over Andrew like he's some kind of human God.

I don't even see an MD behind his name. Oz never once endorsed a specific company or brand of the Raspberry Keytones to try, so he's not getting paid to tout a particular brand. As a medical person his demonstration with balloons as cells seemed very plausible in conjunction with his description of what was happening to them. I have muscular dystrophy and don't have the option to do "normal" types of exercise, but I do go to physical therapy, and I will start using the Raspberry Keytones I bought today, as directed.

If they work for me that'll be great. If they don't I'm not going to bad mouth Dr. Oz for introducing this product to me. I'll just chalk it up to an experience that didn't work for me. I have been taking the raspberry ketone capsule for about four days, so far I do feel better and I used to have very swollen ankles and feet, the swelling disappeared after the first day and is still gone.

So I for one am grateful to Dr. Oz for mentioning this on his show!! I think dr oz has promoted some senseless products on his show. His audience believes his every word. He is misleading and im surprised he still gets an audience. Go to weight watchers.

I saw the show and jumped on the band wagon. I didn't lose any weight instead the pills made me anemic. I stopped using them and my cell count returned to normal. I spent over an hour on the internet trying to get a straight answer or even something consistant on whether or not there were any side effects associated with raspberry keytones, does it really work for weight loss, is there a difference between snythetic vs natural raspberries, and am now more confused then when I started researching.

It's so amazing to me that there are so many different opinions on one product. I called them to inquire whether or not they were snythetically manufactured or natural and was told that all Rasberry Ketone Products being sold are snythetic.

After researching clinical studies found out that the only results found were based on rodents, nothing on humans. The more I read online the more frustrating I got. How can anyone sell a product making claims that are false just to make money…. Misleading for a profit…. I wasn't even able to obtain side affects.. I have lost over ten pounds in two weeks without changing the way I have eaten in the past? I have not been able to lose weight dieting and with this product the weight is literally falling off me.

I'm not as hungry. For whatever reason Rasberry Keytones with Green Tea is working for me. I just purchased the RK Diet for my whole family. We are all different weights and could stand to shed some pounds. As many of you, I am skeptical on if this will truly work, so I starting reading more on the internet, which led me to this site.

As a mother with 1 young adult who i have watched for over 10yrs. I am not looking for a miracle drug, just something that could give a kick start.

I am not a follower of AL or Dr. But was amazed at how many people commented on this article and were willing to bash something they have not even tried? I am in my mid 40's and my husband was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor over 12 yrs. One of my best friends was diagnosed at 33 yrs. She removed one breast, and over the past 17 yrs. She was an avid exerciser and ate all natural foods, took vitamins and was a mere lbs. I have lost over 12 very close family members to other types of cancer and ailments who were once healthy prior to my husbands' diagnosis.

We are all going to die when our number is called. If we want to spend our hard earned money on a so called miracle diet, so be it! Everyone in life needs to do what you feel is best at that given time and stop reading and believing what everyone else has to say. If you believe something is going to help you lose weight then go for it! If it doesn't work, then try something else. YES, we all know the best thing is diet, portion control and exercise.

Why burst someone's bubble before they even give it a try? What works for some, may not work for others. There is a higher power then all of us that comes to take us when our number is called. Not AL's vitamins or Dr. OZ's promotion of Diet programs are going to save us. If one of my family members can lose some of the lbs.

Then I am willing to give it a try. Get a life of your own and stop criticizing on the internet! I dont mean to disappoint everyone but i have been taking the raspberry ketone for more than two months. I was not trying to lose weight however i honestly lost 22 pounds the first month. When I quit for a month in the winter it started by going cold turkey.

And how to stop the chocolate habit? All that coffee-free month I was gobbling dark chocolate almost unconsciously. Like I would seriously go to the supermarket, buy it and start eating it without noticing until I was halfway through a bar.

I think it is a mistake to blame caffeine for many of these failure to recover people. Sugar, gluten, stimulents are all around us and caffeine is just one of many harmful substances that can be abused. If you merely get rid of only one of these, it would make sense that that people are seeing subpar results.

My own personal experience says that what we put into our body affects us greatly. To the person who reported erection problems, my best guess is you, like many men and women , probably are a regular porn user. Cut out that hyper stimulas for a few months and that will recover.

You can read about porn induced Ed, and yourbrainonporn. Like any stimulant, caffeine can cause erectile issues. Reducing my caffeine has helped to moderately increase the strength of my erections.

I did had a cheat-day 2 weeks ago where I had one green tea. Really needed to get some work done at work. However, last few days I was almost just as productive as without the caffeine! Do I still miss it? Do I still notice withdrawal effects? Now and then but mostly mentally Getting rid of the addiction.

A great side effect is: I feel productive in the evening as well. I want to do things in my evenings and weekends I enjoy. Working on my own little projects. No longer my productivity is just limited to work hours. As it really only had any benefits for my boss and not really for me apart from liking the taste.

Yes, you are so right … only a boss benefits from their workforce drinking drinks containing caffeine! If caffeine is causing you issues then cutting back might be a good idea. However, doing this can cause depression for a period of time while you adjust. Quitting it completely is insane though.

Doing that could really push you over the edge. It landed me in the hospital as I was suicidal. Moderation is probably the key. In fact it has some antidepressant and anti-suicidal properties. Hi Zack, I also suffered from suicidal depression when I cold turkeyed from caffeine 4 years ago, so I had to go back on it and taper off, which was very difficult because going back on it after I had lost my tolerance to caffeine made me very ill, but I did it and tapered off over 3 or 4 months, and since then I have not experienced any depression which I suffered from all the time that I was on caffeine, over 60 years , although I have had every other withdrawal symptom and am still suffering ….

I am hoping that when I finally recover it will make the last 4 years of hell worth it, but in any case, I cannot go back on it now. Gives me hope that I can also quit by tapering. Perhaps the anti-suicidal effect, that I was referring to, is caused simply by the fact that you can become suicidal from quitting it — at least if you do it abruptly. It MUST have been a window!! What made you top drinking if you had made it through 60 years relatively unscathed.

Everyone is basically back to normal at months. You should be ashamed of yourself. Thanks for your encouragement. It seems very migratory as it moves around from muscle to muscle… example: That never used to happen before.

Over all though life without coffee has been way better, way less stomach problems, the acidic nature of coffee was killing me. My caffeine withdrawal passed two month. Yes Anil, caffeine wd has affected my speech as well as making me incredibly clumsy with my hands. I can almost walk with a straight back again, but only for a few yards, and I despair of ever getting better at the moment. I wish there was somebody else of a similar age who has had similar problems after quitting caffeine, but i seem to be the only one.

I have been writing on caffeine informer a lot. So you know my story. About your problem, have you considered more extensive tests? Maybe there is something else that needs to be addressed? Some other issue — Neurological? I hope people ignore disgusting commentators like this. It can take months to recover but not years, not to mention 3 or 5 years.

I have read hundreds of stories and NEVER seen a 5 year story not to mention multiple ones, or a 3 year one. People like you make me sick Viv.

You have done nothing but scare people on this website and all of the others. Whats funny is you even promoted eating dark chocolate in another thread. Careless, selfish woman trying to drag others down with her. Great article and even better comments. This still is one of the first pages you see on Google. So I guess time to share my story? Initially 10 years ago with Energy drinks up to 12 a day! I noticed my body suddenly got more and more sensitive to it so I kept reducing the amount of Coffee I drank.

This helped me feel better for a while Bit sleepy but no more anxiety, panic and dizzy feelings but every time after a while it kept returning when my body got used to the lower amount. No headache, still manageable energy levels really needed for my work! So I guess the tampering way does make it a lot easier. Please let us know how you are doing. I just finished month 2 since going cold turkey.

The beginning was brutal but I have felt a steady improvement. Weeks were some sort of a crash or a setback. It was very discouraging. Now at the beginning of month 3 I really hope things will start to pickup for me so I get the full benefits of this. I must say I had symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I was waking up tired and in pain all over my body. I surely abused coffee for many years — still hope I can recover in 3, 4, 5, 6 months? But it has been a difficult experience for me so far, as for many I guess.

I definitely believe that drinking less and less caffeine over a long time helped me a lot. Also my heart rate seems to be in the average person-range again instead of being low during some parts of the day. My anxiety definitely decreased a lot. I definitely recommend quitting caffeine to everyone here. It is worth it. If quitting cold turkey is too hard: Reduce your caffeine every week by a small bit as at least for me it seems to make it a lot easier.

Marek, Definitely keep continuing. Thanks, you definitely sound like a success story. I am in the middle of month 5 and still tired and unmotivated, sometimes straight depressed. I had been improving and then yesterday I became extremely fatigued, hypo symptoms like dry hair, etc. How are you doing now? I cant believe the people transitioning to prescription medication to come off caffeine.

That is jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Be strong and dont substitute one addiction for an even worse one. My reason for stopping was due to gastritis, stomach stress that seemed or so I thought! The withdrawal symptoms progressed as expected, headache and fatigue on day 2, then dizzy and nervous day 3 to 6, ongoing trouble staying sleep.

What has surprised me the most is the crazy anxiety followed by depression. It set in around the middle of week two and was frightening to be honest. I have a tendency toward blue moods and worry spells but for the most part consider myself easy going and relaxed. This was a deep, dark place that made me have a new respect for all my depressed and anxious brothers and sisters.

Only now, nearly 3 weeks out, and only if I sleep well do I feel a little better. If I have a rough night, the depression is back, although I think it is improving fingers crossed! The anxiety is most definitely improved. The health benefits of caffeine are minimal compared to the addiction risk. It makes sense that my withdrawal is prolonged.

This blog has really helped keep me sane and I appreciate everyone sharing their experiences. I have been off all caffeine now for 10 weeks. I came back to remember that this is a long process. I still have some lingering symptoms. Other than that I have a more even mood and energy. For a while I was waking up at dawn not able to go back to sleep, but I am taking an antihistamine to help my sleep and that makes me more groggy in the morning.

I am afraid to not take it all as I go through major adrenaline when I go off it for a few days. Caffeine is a metabolism booster. I tried to quit caffeine a few months ago. I tapered down and gave it a real try. I ended up becoming extremely depressed and had to admit myself to the hospital. So be careful doing this if you have existing depression as it might push you over the edge.

Sorry to hear this, Zack, and I am also experiencing worse depression, so your point is very valid. Going off caffeine is not for wimps! Still drinking coffee and will continue to do so. Nothing wrong with cutting back on caffeine a bit. My 2nd week without caffeine just started. Not going to give up at this point though. But what I did discover is running which I just started was helping my anxiety, I just gave up too soon.

Quitting caffeine affected my sleep too, but mostly the first months after, but my mood was very bad the first couple of months like a way I have never experienced before. I became aware that I could not tolerate caffeine around 5 years ago, I have had around milligram each day for 10 years, yes I know it was stupid I did not stop, but I first became aware of another site whole9life I think it was, a blog about caffeine that says It takes several months to feel good again after quitting caffeine and not the 9 days described many places, and then I finally stopped.

I did stay 5 months clean from coffeine, but fall back in again for 2 months, It was like hell when I returned in the 2 months on caffeine taking around milligram each day, changing mood, headache, and all the bad things that follows with caffeine.

I decided to stop again completely caffeine free, not even light choclate allowed and of course no soda. I had only drinked rooibus and chamomile tea for the last 3,5 month. It actually gives me more strengh and couarge after I went back to it in these 2 months and then stopping again I think, it was now a lot easier qutting caffeine than the first time. But I liked alcohol not alcoholic and even more drugs, especially ecstasy and amphetamine..

Caffine was WAY harder to quit when you think of the physical withdrawel symptoms. Drugs was a times more funny yes, but I never got withdrawel from stopping taking drugs after using them once every week in a 2 year period. When quitting caffine I feel like a complete shit the first months and only getting slowly better up till around month 5, when things started to feel good, I actually think it will get even a little better after a year caffeine free..

At first my anxiety went down but now I feel like I have the flu, even my nose is kinda a little runny but not to bad. I thought I got sick but could this still be caffeine withdrawal? Having mood swings and feel sudden moments of great peace and clarity and then anxiety? Thanks Viv, that all sounds very encouraging … would love to think that the latter part of my life will be better than the first — lol!

I went cold turkey from caffeine and chocolate 20months ago and went thru all the symptoms listed here. Of course the doctors and many tests at first. I am still having leg muscle weakness. Sometimes the window of feeling normal lasts longer. I still miss coffee but I am still recovering. Coming to this and other support sites has saved me beyond family friends etc.

I had drunk 1st 10 years caffeine,, followed by 33 years decaf, then the last 5 yrs. Whet hell it has been since quitting. But i walk everyday and come here to get support and do self rehab. Had to not do vits. Viv, I would love to connect with you somehow a I am also older. You can do it. I have been feeling very discouraged by my slow progress because i seem to be alone, but after reading your post, feel a bit better. I told him your name is viv. He said for you to contact him.

Tell him to give me yours also. I think he needs to email us directly. My keyboard was not taking my strokes correctly when I was doing my post. Wished there was autocorrect. I gave up smoking and coffee together about 8 weeks ago. I just feel numb.. I have zero motivation to do my work or see my friends.

All I want to do is sit around on my own. My memory is also terrible. At first I was really concerned but then I learnt about how dopamine is affected from addictions and it may be that my chemicals are fluctuating and trying to balance themselves. Your article gave me some hope also. Did you experience the emotional flatlining too? I know it was a long time ago now but can you remember if you felt very little emotionally. Getting the same thing, Sam. I have no motivation, I walk around with a deadness, I am not going out and about or wanting to be around others, I feel flat, down, and nothing.

Just hope things improve soon. It is not fun. But I am trying to hang in there and I hope you can too! I am on day seven or so of quitting. I could not work, eat, walk, sleep, I had flu at the same time and it made it worse. I am feeling more relaxed, less anxious. My job is very demanding, requiring accuracy and focus and I am really struggling with this, taking three times longer than usual to get my work done, and having difficulty staying motivated to work I work independently so am slacking off big time but work to dead lines.

There is never a good time for me to quit as I seem to always be under some kind of pressure. I am struggling right now to remember why I chose to quit in the first place. The desire for one nice strong cup which I know will perk me right up mentally and make me back to my old, agile, dextrous, fast functioning, speedy self so that I can just get through this frigging pile of work is almost overwhelming.

But the problem is my work is not going to stop piling up so if I have one cup tomorrow, sure it will help for that day, but what about the next day, and the next? I also wanted to quit because I remember I used to be a nice calm person, not a ratty frenetic hyper maniac.

I want that calm, that poise. I want to feel sexually aroused again. Caffeine makes me want to slap anyone of they touch me.

I want to feel unchained, and I already do, I feel freer. Tell me to stick with it and why I should! I WIsh i felt as good as you do Suzie, but I still feel crap at 3 years off, but I am 20 years older than you and have been drinking caffeine for 70 years. Sorry to hear about your aches and pains Viv. Although I am feeling so much better not drinking caffeine, not everything is perfect, lol!

I too suffer from an aching neck and sometimes my knees ache but I do put this down to getting older after all we are no spring chickens. I do yoga which does help a lot … stretching out the body makes everything feel so much better. I was wondering do you lift weights? But, I quit cold turkey twice. The withdrawal symptoms were even more severe the second time!

Some but not all would include: Sounds like throwing darts in the dark to me. Anyway, thanks for listening to my ramblings. Just a quick update — am now into week seven of giving up caffeine. I feel calmer, chilled, joyful and full of energy, still. I have started back at the gym three times a week, on top of lots of walking and some yoga. I am experiencing an intense, horrific utterly acute withdrawal and yet the bizarre aspect of this, is that I only consumed ONE cup of coffee every morning during breakfast, although, always very strong dark roast from fresh beans.

I was a quasi coffee connoisseur using high end exotic beans and using a French press which eventually created an ulcer and PVCs. Trying to reduce the effect, I de-evolved my coffee consumption to the pathetic troglodytic level Keurig single cups which is like drinking black water although I was using the Starbucks dark French roast as opposed to brewing from fresh whole beans.

Add to that more PVCs and palpitations occurring intermittently. Now, nearly 2 weeks into it, a few symptoms have subsided but I still experience intermittent agonizing, sporadic cramping in the legs, arms, wrists and lower back, inconsistent bowl movements, GI cramps on occasion etc.. A constant low level headache still seems to persists throughout most of the day not to mention, extreme lethargy, and the usual mental effects.

As with all medical conditions, each individual physiology reacts differently so apparently, I am unusually sensitive to not only coffee and caffein but the entire withdraw syndrome. Any suggestions from anyone out there in the land of hominids? Thanx Michael, I will try and incorporate more omega 3 through my diet.

But I noticed a huge difference when I ate some fresh wild salmon yesterday, I had instant energy that lasted for several hours. And my dreams are whacked. I have PTSD and knew I should quit caffeine years ago but for some insane reason the more anxious I felt the more coffee I had and felt it took the edge off. But the danger was if I got triggered coffee would make my panic attacks ten times worse. Even matcha tea which I got addicted to gave me the worst panic attacks.

That was the craziest withdrawl. If anyone is suffering from fatigue or loss of energy during caffeine withdrawal, I highly suggest picking up Omega 3 supplements. Struggling to keep my energy in check with sleep, and this, and that and nothing worked.

Omega 3 is very very very useful for your adrenal fatigue and recovering from it, the vitamins and minerals inside of Omega 3 are very important. I started taking 2 to 3 pills a day of Omega 3 and I already started to feel better in just a week as my energy slowly went back to normal. This is after going through weeks and months of ups and downs and not being in control. Though taking Omega 3 supplements you feel an instant change, I start to think that they even work like coffee to keep your energy in check.

Though having more vitamins and keeping a proper diet is a good idea too. I passed 8 months and still in mental withdrawal anxiety and sleep only 3 to 5 hours max feeling very tired. The symptoms seem to get worse when I have caffeine or MSG, along with attributed muscle pain.

It always lifts one or another. If you want true improvement and the easy way out, I suggest one cup of tea or one cup of coffee a day. Although it works for some people, it may not work for all.

At least it may not for me….. I feel happier, sunnier, more sociable and even my thoughts are happier thoughts and most importantly I feel like nothing is insurmountable. I truly put this down to having much more energy and better sleep due to no caffeine.

Of course you will still suffer from adrenal fatigue if you are still drinking caffeine!!! I am a 46 year old male that has been drinking coffee for almost 40 years. Coffee has always been a part of my life and taking up to 10 cups a day was no problem.

Even getting back home after a callout to work in the early hours of the morning I would first have a cup of coffee and then go to bed. Through the years I have never experienced anxiety or any of the side effects of caffeine.

The last two years I went through a hard time at work as well as had to deal with the loss of my dad and started to develop severe anxiety and had trouble sleeping. Started to struggle with fatigue and decided to stop coffee on the recommendation of a naturopath as adrenal fatigue was suspected.

Started cutting back on coffee at the middle of May and this was followed you a period of increasing fatigue, insomnia and depression that started to increase over time. I came down from 8 cups of coffee to no coffee and started drinking tea.

As I struggled with anxiety and sleep before cutting back I did not see the connection. My anxiety increased and my sleep deteriorated even further and then the extreme fatigue and brain fog started. With the brain fog I had trouble with my sight and could not focus. It was the end of June and at this point I was only drinking tea. I felt extremely depressed and even considered staring antidepressant drugs. I never made the caffeine connection until a couple of days ago when I took a cup of coffee while having this severe brain fog.

Within 10 minutes the fog cleared, my sight improved and the fatigue was less. The next day while driving to the city the same happened and I had a can of coke that reduced the fog, improved my sight and reduced my fatigue.

Started reading about the effect of coffee on the brain and suddenly everything started to make sense. My mental state started to deteriorate when I reduced and eventually stopped drinking coffee. After 2 days back on 5 cups a day I feel much better, my mood has lifted, the fatigue is not so bad and the brain fog is gone. Can caffeine be responsible for this???

I will keep on drinking coffee and will slowly taper off over months once I feel myself again!! So many years of abuse must have resulted in significant changes in my brain. I was drinking cups of coffee everyday, working and going to school, getting everything I needed done. I generally had a good stress tolerance, worked out, smoked weed, and would have a couple beers throughout the week.

Then out of nowhere my mom got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and I went to go visit her in the hospital and on the way there I had the first panic attack of my life. I literally thought I was dying. At the hospital they gave me attivan and a prescription for a couple to take home. I decided to give up smoking, drinking and coffee after my panic attack as i saw the situation as a time to start making better decisions.

The first two weeks were absolute hell! I could not do anything but sleep because being awake was making me sick and anxious. I saw a doctor going through the first week of my withdrawals and he told me that I should try drinking a little bit of caffeine to help me cope.

I tried that but I was already too far into the withdrawals and it make me super jittery and even more sick. But the weird part after the jitteryness went away I felt better. I decided to get a soda and start taking a couple sips throughout the day.

This seemed to keep the shakingness at bay. I went and got myself magnesium citrate and from there I was able to stop consuming all caffeine and for the most part the feeling of me being on a boat went away. I also started taking ashwagandha and astragalus root and I do believe that they have helped with the withdrawals. If you look up ashwagandha it actually helps the adrenal glands heal if you do have adrenal fatigue.

I started to feel better at around 4 weeks but I do believe that I had a harder time mentally then most people because my mom was in and out of the hospital and every time I would hear news about what was going on my anxiety and stress would go through the roof. Not gonna lie it was the worst month of my life. There was not one good thing that happened.

I was about 6 weeks into my recovery when my mom did pass away she was only 56 and I had to go through one of the toughest moments of my life.

My life turned upside down on me and everything was tough but I knew that I need to keep pushing forward with my progress. My father 3 days into me being sick was getting mad that all I could do was sleep and was insisting that I needed to go for a hard workout and sweat it all out.

This page has done more help for me then my doctor, my family, and any other website out there. For people just starting the withdrawal process do everything you can to take life easy, keep stress down, and keep your head up.

This is combined with multiple diet cokes with lunch and dinner. Probably anywhere from mg daily. Until I tried to quit caffeine.. Just the usual ups and down in life. But very happy-go-lucky and appreciative of life in general no matter the circumstancel. I had some unfortunate family issues and was have some weird mid-life worries and anxiety and wanted to make some changes.

So I tried to quit caffeine. At first I was just having a single cup in the morning and nothing after that… Then I thought I was cheating myself and went down to just two cups of green tea. Nothing close even with tragic events. I feel no joy in anything anymore.. Uncontrollable rumination of negative thoughts and emotions.

The most important thing about caffeine is adrenal fatigue. Over the years, over months drinking enough caffeine and skipping sleep on a daily basis will wear your adrenal glands out.

Your adrenal glands are responsible for balancing all of the energy and focus inside of your body. It takes weeks to months to heal from this condition. Also your body builds up a natural defense system against caffeine.

The most I have from coffee is a cup to half a cup, if I do any more than that then I stress creating adrenal fatigue all over again. Though it can make you feel like you have cancer. Hints of natural energy returning keep coming back. Noticed on the other hand that I was totally dehydrated and my lips were very dry.

Social skills somewhat better. Coughing up slime all the way and it feels like my voice got lower. Also had a moment of almost throwing up yesterday, acid reached my throat and it was so sour that it felt like it burnt a hole in my throat. Overall still great lack of energy but I feel hints of progress. Hello folks, for me it is day 3 of no caffeine. I have also quitted other bad habits like smoking cigarettes and smoking pot for a longer period, but the emphasis in this case is on caffeine ofcourse.

Hell is getting over me. Felt like total shit. Severe headaches, irritability lvl: Small hints of natural energy coming back and i decided to be a few minutes outside because it was a very shiny day.

It all felt extremely pleasant because it was so HD. The mainstream claims withdrawal from caffeine should be over in days.

This scared me into thinking I had something else seriously wrong with me. My story involves pre-workout powders that I have used for ten years with hardly any time off from them. A trainer at my gym started me on these in early I started out only taking one scoop per day approx. This past January I realized my addiction and that I was craving my preworkout drink. I was having it in the evening too. I was having at least two drinks one scoop per drink per day sometimes three.

On March 12th I cut back to only one scoop per day. I had no idea this reduction would send me into withdrawal. This coincided with my son leaving for a 3 month trip abroad which left me crying uncontrollably.

He has been on a half dozen or so trips before which never affected me like this. I found myself in deep depression and high anxiety. I could not shake negative thoughts; it seemed like everything reminded me of something that would make me sad. I wake up with an anxious nervous feeling in my stomach and dread getting up. I have not had many physical affects. Minor headaches and runny nose. I am still taking one scoop per day. I plan to continue this until my withdrawl symptoms subside.

Once I do recover I will begin a slow taper to having absolutely zero caffeine. Is my logic correct? I read several posts that say cold turkey is the best way to go. I will say this, it made me realize how depression feels.

I have not been able to enjoy things I used to love and everything causes me to have memories of my children when they were young which makes me want to cry. Depression and anxiety have been so bad. I keep hoping this will end soon. I do have a question.. Did u also Feel Some pain in your body or aching after during your withdrawl process.. Thanks for Such An information.. I am expereincing the same currently. I got High BP during withdrawl of higher Dosage of Caffeine and other gym prework out stimulants that i was consuming since past 2 years… I feel Laziness, Headaches ,Lack of focus and concentration….

I do have a question for You.. Did you also feel some kind of pain or litle pain in throat area During your This withdrawl Process…. Just wondering about back pain. I had a little increase in back pain on day 3 or 4 which has persisted however, in the last 4 days it has increased to near unbareable.

Thr thing is i have a very bad back 2 surgeries but it hasnt been this painful in a LONG time. And i dont think i fid anything to aggravate it. Anyone else have back pain this long after quitting?

It is honestly all caffeine withdrawal. I was a caffeine addict for three years, when I have too much nowadays instead of just the right amount my body tends to punish me. So that is completely normal to not be able to get back on it as well. All the pain will go away completely before a five month period. Though never being able to kick the stuff entirely. Though the problem is that coffee makes my brain and body feel irritated, never truly feeling that calm and blissful feeling of maximum focus and energy.

Though once a person gets past two cups of coffee a day, they are done for. The addiction has already settled in. Then they are only doomed to having four to even six cups a day. Coffee creates irritation, it makes you unfocused from either too much energy or not enough. Perhaps only having tea.

Now that my adrenal fatigue is over, I no longer have coffee for the energetic benefits but my body misses the focus and the concentration it used to feel. The first weeks where quite bad and around christmas I had 2 weeks with very little sleep. My sleep has improved but not that much, I also stopped drinking alcohol a month ago.

I read it helps too with sleep and overall health. Was not a heavy drinking only low to moderate drinker. Is it possible to feel better like you Sean if I only had milligram caffeine days a week for 10 years?

Hello all, I started lifting weights when I was 17 and soon after started taking pre workout supplements massive caffein. Last month I had a health scare and went to the doctor and was off of caffein for a few days when I started developing all kinds of awful symptoms.

My anxiety went through the roof, I had severe sleep problems, depression, my whole body was tense and I thought I was actually dying. I believe that the caffein withdrawal and adrenal burnout are my problem…. I have since stopped all caffein and tried to clean up my diet…I am currently around week 6 of all this torture and hope this is coming to an end soon. Anyways, please reply if this sounds like anything that you are going through…thanks.

As a little kid drank a lot of Surges and Mountain Dews. From 18 onward I took a ton of pre-workouts. I decided to quit 5 weeks ago because no matter how much coffee I drank I felt tired.

I got maybe hours of productive work done per day. Some days I feel great. Other days I am super lethargic and unmotivated. Here I am at week 5 and I just spent the whole day sleeping.

Going to keep sticking it out. Each week it gets a little better. Yesterday I ate like an absolute maniac, taking in over calories like it was nothing! Avoiding sugar is going to be the hardest part. Congratulations to all the people who have taken this step in their lives. One thing that I would urge those of you trying to quit to do is give up TV at the same time that you quit caffeine. TV is stimulating to your brain and though it may mask some of the initial withdrawal symptoms it may be more disruptive to your overall health and well being.

I used to take caffeine pills from morning to night. Maybe — mg daily. I did this for 12 years or so. I had anxiety issues the entire time I did this.

I was still able to function well enough to advance in my job, but it was a crazy amount of anxiety when there was any new stress. On June 18th I quit cold turkey and it was a nightmare. I was really just fatigued for the first week, the next three weeks were the worst. I felt like I was going crazy. Two months later my focus is just starting to come back.

Hey Jeremy how are you progressing? Your story is pretty similar to mine, I did coffee pre workout for almost 15 years nonstop and had anxiety depression as well…. I am on day 18 of no caffeine. I have been researching the subject nonstop and your article is the only one that has been truly helpful.

I keep coming back to read it to remind myself that it will get better. Caffeine is one of the last harmful things that I have stopped putting into my body, and the withdrawals have not been pretty, even for a relatively healthy person like me. My stress level has been high without any specific cause; my hair has been shedding; my neck and shoulder muscles have been stiff; I have been irritable, foggy, disinterested in nurturing relationships, and lose energy quickly when exercising.

Luckily, though, I have already noticed an improvement in my sleep, which has become deeper. One thing that might help others suffering from withdrawal symptoms for an extended period of time is researching adrenal fatigue and ways to overcome it more easily.

There is a very good book by James L. Wilson on this topic. Anyone still suffering from fatigue and brain fog in month 10?

Leading to a spike in depression, energy loss, loss of motivation, and complete lack of motivation. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that our brain produces to nudge us into doing stuff. But what you can do is increase dopamine in your system to help you stay focused, productive and motivated. Discover New Things Dopamine production is actually triggered when we find something new and exciting in front of us.

Our ancestors would experience it when discovering new herds to hunt or new plants to harvest. But we do have the internet. The internet is a treasure trove for discovering new music to new videos. A simple dopamine booster is browsing Pinterest or even Amazon for new products and items. A word of caution: So it follows that To get more hits, break down those big jobs into smaller ones.

And as I said above, you need to list down those tasks. Nothing is more satisfying than ticking off something as done. Listen To Music Studies have shown that if you listen to music you really enjoy, the brain releases dopamine as a response.

Even the anticipation of hearing that music also increases dopamine levels, which is probably why you see all these crazy lines in front of music stores. Increase Your Tyrosine Tyrosine is the building block of dopamine, so make sure that you have enough of this protein in you. Here are some common foods that have loads of tyrosine: Reduce Your Lipopolysaccharides Lipolypo, lipopopoly, lipoly-what again?

These are also called endotoxins and yes, it is indeed a toxin. Basically, if you have too much of these, your immune system will go haywire. More importantly, it inhibits the production of dopamine. The best way to combat this is by having more good bacteria than bad in your gut. How do you do that? Eat lots of probiotic foods, mostly fermented foods like yogurt, kefir and kimchi. Get enough sleep so your gut can keep up with you.

To make it fun for you, your brain actually releases fun chemicals like serotonin, endorphins and yes, dopamine. The great thing is even non-strenuous exercise can help increase dopamine levels. Try taking the dog out for a walk, climbing some stairs, or busting out the Wii Fit.

Establish A Streak A streak is just a visual reminder of how many consecutive times you achieved something. The easiest way to do this is to take a calendar and put an X in the box everyday you do something, like cleaning your desk or eating a healthy lunch.

Having a streak increases dopamine production in the same way completing a task does. Curcumin, the active ingredient in our favorite curry spice turmeric, helps increase levels of dopamine. L-theanine increases neurotransmitter production in your brain, one of which is dopamine. Green tea has lots of this, though it can also be taken as a theanine supplement. Acetyl-l-tyrosine is a production-ready version of tyrosine which will make it easier for your brain to create dopamine. Increasing dopamine can be as simple as taking up a creative hobby like photography, crafting, auto repair or drawing.

Meditate Sometimes the best way to do something is by doing nothing. Whether you meditate, pray or do simple self-reflection, all these activities are linked to increased dopamine levels. Dopamine is an addictive chemical but in a good way. And have you noticed something? Its a destructive drug that i never thought it will be like this…. I thought it was safe to consume and i never thought that there is withdrawal and to take that darn long…. Seems all sites that claim its 9 days have an agenda to hide the fact that its an addictive drug like other drugs so they keep selling there caffeine….

Hope you get better bro because it seems it will take us more than a year. I am on day 74 of being caffeine free. Is this normal after so much time? Good days where you feel near perfect, bad days where you feel awful. Take it in stride, rest a lot, eat healthy, and practice meditation.

Time is the only thing that really takes it away, and no caffeine. The smallest doses can just build up in your system, mostly because your body could have an intolerance now.

Along with you could likely have adrenal fatigue, I know I had all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Update; I started taking mcg of Selenium each morning, which is one tablet. Along with Vitamin B complex, for two days now and drinking at least a cup of iced tea every morning.

Although Selenium can build up in the body as well, so I have to remember to take breaks from it. Hopefully one day I can get all my energy back and be able to go a month from caffeine and not feel a thing. I hope this solution lasts, if not then I have to give up caffeine or I have a medical problem.

I just meant it took away the symptoms temporarily. It also works on the thyroid to produce energy. Oh I understand, I tapered off too. By the way,3 brazil nuts per day provides you with your daily requirement of selenium in a far more absorbable form than a chemical supplement which can be dangerous in overdose. While it is being advised to take adequate levels of the essential trace mineral selenium either through food or through supplements, there is a lurking danger of overdose and side effects by taking too much of it.

In fact the adult requirement is only mcg. Causes of selenium overdose Normally we get sufficient of this mineral from our diet. The situation of excess can occur in the following circumstances.

Excess presence in soil and food. Soils in different regions of the world contain varying levels of selenium. Foods grown in very high selenium bearing soils have too much of it and cause selenosis. Self medication and excess and unregulated use of supplements Use of selenium supplements without proper analysis of the requirement can lead to excess consumption and overdose.

Frequent use of Brazil nuts and other foods very rich in the mineral can lead too much accumulation of it in the body causing the health problems. Selenium side effects on consuming too much of it Side effects of consumption of too much of this mineral include garlic odor in breath, lung problems, breathlessness gastrointestinal irritation, stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, fatigue, muscle cramps, restlessness, listlessness, dementia, behavioral problems, metallic taste in the mouth, hair loss, skin inflammation, tooth decay, and fingernail discoloration.

Other problems on too much of this mineral are damage to nervous system, impairment of liver, impairment of kidney, thyroid malfunction, jaundice, dermatitis, birth defects, and stunting of growth.

In extreme cases fever and damage to lung and heart occur and may result in mortality. Relief, treatment and cure from selenium side effects Treating selenosis starts with removing the causative factor.

The patient is made to drink sufficient water to flush out the excess reducing the problems. There is no antidote for this mineral. In severe overdose cases hospitalization is necessary for the convalescence of the patient and for the treatment. You are right, I cold be suffering from selenium overdose as of now, with intestinal problems to feeling lightheaded.

I was always unsure whether caffeine withdrawal was causing the lightheaded feeling and the stomach upset, even though it is month The feeling of fatigue is only now just going away again.

Participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups. One group ate two Brazil nuts each day estimated to provide approx. A second group took a supplement providing micrograms of selenium as selenomethionine per day, and the third group, who served as controls, were given a placebo pill. Blood levels of selenium and glutathione peroxidase GPx — a selenium containing enzyme that is one of the body's most important antioxidants activities were measured at the beginning of the study and at 2, 4, 8, and 12 weeks.

By week 12, blood levels of selenium had increased by Plasma levels of GPx increased by 8. Not only was consumption of two Brazil nuts each day as effective for increasing selenium status and enhancing GPx activity as micrograms of selenomethionine per day, but just one Brazil nut per day would have been sufficient to raise dietary selenium intake to within recommended intake levels for the mineral. The researchers pointed out that food sources are always preferable to supplementation for improving the nutritional status of a population because they are sustainable, less expensive and have a lower risk of toxicity.

The authors did, however, warn that Brazil nuts are not uniform in their selenium content and may contain much more or much less than the estimated 50 micrograms per nut.

No more than one or two Brail nuts should be consumed daily to avoid excessive accumulation of selenium in tissues. Enjoy just one Brazil nut each day and help ensure that you get your daily requirement for selenium. Am J Clin Nutr. I went to his last weekend workshop in London, it was great, thank you so much for recommending his programme to me.

I posted here about a month ago. Two months ago I gave up caffeine. Overall, I feel much better without it, but my mind is still very, very dull. Depression and anxiety are for the most part gone. I think people sometimes start speaking to me, and then they stop… because all I can do is stare blankly at them.

So for now, the dull brain and fatigue are consuming me.