All Carbs Are NOT Created Equal!

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List of Healthy Complex Carbohydrates
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The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Food List

Synthroid leaves a whopping! I just finished reading Hypothyroidism Type 2 by Dr. It is a great read for pretty much everyone. I think you should try to still have some things such as rice or sweet potato or whatnot to try and support your endocrine system. Maybe only consider Raw dairy or fermented dairy.

Get a prescription for Desiccated Thyroid. Take iodine for your thyroid. I hope you are able to feel better. How bad is it to eat white rice everynow and again? Oh and I had soy sauce yesterday and today. So far have not noticed any kind of reaction from the rice or soy sauce.

Some people only need GAPS for a couple of months! I just found out that I actually have histamine intolerance and every food thats fermented has histamine! I want to start including rice in my meals. I ate really healthy before GAPS anyways. Either way, I highly recommend talking with Matt Stone and telling him your symptoms and ask what he would suggest. He has way more information on this stuff than I do. His FB page is here, and he answers questions there too.

This was very interesting! Hope to see you next week! Be sure to visit RealFoodForager. I was getting too low carb, too. I gained back some of the weight I had initially lost. I also started having dark grooves under my eyes for the first time in my life. I have always looked young for my age 29 … and that young face was getting older every month for the last few months on gaps. I used to have mood issues and depression. I also used to have bad die-off from kefir etc.

Then in the summer time I came down with Strep. So, it appears a mild bacterial overgrowth was fixed. Also, my 3 children survived a month of die-off which has seemed to do them well!

But it took its tool my MY endocrine system. I have never had any problems eating grains that I know of , and I actually have a much younger and brighter looking face, more energy, more peace, and better stools when I do eat them. I think I am a true carb-type. Oh, and one more good thing about GAPS … it definitely stopped my blood-sugar-up-and-downs.

Sweet tooth — gone. I used to have horrible cravings, but no more. Good luck to everyone!! Thanks for sharing this. I love to hear how GAPS works for all our individual bodies. Time for some potatoes…. Thanks for this post! My family has been on GAPS for 6 months and are still going strong. It always has me really confused. It has me freaking out about eating any nuts, honey, or fruit at all. But really, I feel a lot better eating some fruit, honey, and nuts.

But I say if you can get carbs from honey, fruit, and low omega 6 nuts, then please go for it. Especially if you are having any negative low carb symptoms. If not, then just do what feels the best for your body! Thank you so much for this conversation!!

I eat mostly lentils now because this is about the third time I have had some really neg symptoms but did not know what to do. I usually start with not being able to digest my fats then other foods start to follow. I sprout all I can for my husband and started adding sprouted brown rice and adding to my lentils and veggies and pureeing the whole thing.

I am thinking I may need to look at other ways to heal my gut. Then you can move back to non-GAPS foods without having to work back into them since you were not eating them for months or years, you know? Keep up the good foods, low stress, enjoying every bite, sleeping well, warm hands and feet and good waking temperatures, and eating plenty of food.

I still have lots of probiotics and probiotic foods AND carbs. Unless you have symptoms, it is not necessary to do GAPS. I have had digestive issues most — literally — most of my life. After spending nearly a couple of weeks with diarrhea, nausea and just all around yuckiness, I remembered about GAPS. I am realizing I respond better with more carbs than the diet reccomends. I think I will check into some of the suggestions in the comments and see what strikes me. I am wondering, are milk and milk products high in carb?

If we consume cups a day each of raw, fermented dairy, could we consider our carb consumption pretty high? We also do fruit, honey, nuts and seeds almost every day in some form or other.

We have been sort of GAPS for 2 years, really focusing on the healing foods. But we also have some potatoes, rice and corn now and then. And if our carb count is low, I want to be aware. I love the principles of GAPS and have seen such improvement in our lives.

I used to be a pastry chef, and refined sugars were all I ate! He also loves coconut water, which I only give when he has a cold, for electrolytes, or for a special treat. It seems this diet becomes more confusing every day…. It does get confusing. And I think the more you learn the more confusing it gets!

If you have those symptoms I would definitely increase your carbs, with whatever sounds best to you. Also, read Diet Recovery and see what jumps out at you.

Just one question, how do you know when to introduce beans and lentils? The constant hunger has never really gone away and I think I need more than meat and veg! Just try a little bit and see if you have any digestive upset. Even if you have a slight digestive problem, still keep trying to push through and get your body used to them.

It should make them very easy to assimilate and get into your GAPS diet. I sprout everything I can sprout, soak the rest in some medium. When I cook my lentils have not re-tried beans I use Kombu seaweed in the cooking liquid to help continue breaking down the phytates. There have been times I have put in the Kombu late, when my lentils are half or nearly cooked and have found how much a difference it makes.

Hope that helps some. I love so many fruits, veggies and grains that I never have a problem getting enough, I on the other hand need to be careful not to have to much. This is a great post and great information. Hope you are having a great week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Thanks for this great article, I think its an important point that is not discussed enough about GAPS. McBride does not feel that carbs or ketosis is an issue of concern, but I may be not reading it right.

Seriously considering dropping the starches and doing GAPS, but not sure if its worth it…. Thank you so much for this post! After that, I found some knee pain and fatigue returned but I kept at it. But just this weekend I had a carbs party a bad carbs party, unfortunately and felt significantly better — no knee pain and less fatigue!

For the first month or two, I felt great. No energy, still suffering from digestive complaints despite following it to the letter, and feeling very depressed and emotional something that I had cured myself of pre-GAPS by adding more fat to my diet.

I eat plenty of GAPS-friendly carbs all the things you mentioned above in large quantities and eat between and calories a day, but I still feel as though something is lacking. I have old hands and feet most of the time and also very low blood pressure.

Sorry to bombard you with all this information, but I was wondering if you would be able to offer me some advice! It sounds to me like classic signs of low metabolism, which you should read up on by getting a hold of the Diet Recovery e-book if possible. Thanks so much for the info. Started charting my temps today and they are pretty low especially for my age.

I actually feel pretty good! Looking forward to becoming a Hot Chick! My 19 month old is doing GAPS right now. He gets veggies at every meal too. He also drinks water kefir and coconut milk during the day sweetened with raw honey. Watch for signs of low metabolism, like cold hands and feet. But the best way, really, is to take his temperature first thing in the morning and throughout the day. It should be above 98 degrees waking. Listening to our bodies is a very important part of healing!

I have been trying to start my 7 year old on the GAPS diet to try to figure out her problem with milk, possibly gluten and how it may be connected to her facial tics.

She is very healthy otherwise and I do not want the GAPS diet to be too hard on her body such as too low on carbs or too many nuts throwing her off. Do you think it would work just as well to just have her eat from the list of allowed foods with all the broth and probiotics , without doing the more strict parts of the diet? I was thinking to have her eat the allowed foods, broth, probiootics for a month or 2 and add potatoes again and maybe try some grain a month after that.

What do you think about adapting the diet for a child? Thanks for the post! Right now I have 2 bananas and a cup of homemade yogurt and honey every day, and I eat cooked veggies with lunch and dinner. I have been struggling with ketosis…hard on my kidneys, following the allowed foods on GAPS but trying to stay lower sugar for Candida. This article is very helpful…have had to remove many nuts due to sensitivities…gallbladder issues, so will add a little fruit and beans and see if that helps.

Also, I was feeling like my gut health must be poor because my last 3 children all have food allergies, while the first 5 do not. I am trying to incorporate more cabs, but the foods she likes are pretty narrow.

I recently like 4 days ago switched over to RARFing after finding my basal temp is I am already about 60 pounds overweight and dread the thought of gaining more, but I soo want to feel better. I am confused though. What did you eat? So, what did you eat to get your temp up? Sorry for the novel! I do eat pancakes to get really warm, but I do better with potatoes mashed, fried, roasted, etc , and things like homemade mac and cheese.

Grains do a better job getting me warm than sugar, for sure. As for what I did: I really just ate whatever I wanted for about a month, and then I started being more conscious of eating low-moisture foods in the morning oatmeal cooked with milk, ice cream, grains, potatoes, etc.

Then I would go veggie for dinner: That was what I did for several months and my temps came right up the first few weeks. I also find it really helpful to talk to Matt on the phone too. He does a sliding scale where you can pay what you can here: My sleep started to improve when I started eating carbs more, and I started listening to how tired my body was. If I was under more stress, I would get tired as early as 7: But when I ignored it and stayed up later, my hands and feet would go back to being cold.

If I listened, I had more energy, was warmer, and my digestion seemed better. I also notice that my digestion tends to correlate directly with whether or not I have been active that day.

And that also seems to correlate with the sleep. If I sleep intuitively, then I tend to have energy for the gym, and then I feel better digestively, and then I have a happy upward cycle. We do mainly fish broth from red snapper heads or chicken broth.

Not crazy about beef bone broth. Lunch is usually a soup or leftovers with sauerkraut, and then we usually have a gourmet awesome supper, albeit late. Seems like the carb counts would be pretty good there? I also usually have the butternut squash pancakes a few times per week, but I made up an awesome recipe using 1 butternut squash, 3T coconut flour, 6 eggs and a little vanilla extract… served with plenty of butter and honey of course.

This is much more tolerable. My wife has maintained her weight of Thanks for your blog! I just wanted to put the juicing option in there for increasing carbs…. What about paleo people? They never eat grains. I dont see why not. You dont NEED grains correct? I am still not clear on the symptoms of to low carb. I have been fine but my dd has had episodes that I am not sure what they are. She gets light headed, shaky, blurred vision, and she gets tired.

I think it may be low blood sugar which would be related to low carbs? The GAPS has helped to almost clear up her eczema, she has no tummy aches now but she continues with the tiredness. She also had some amount of ASD symptoms which are much better.

We are still slowly introducing foods. We both have Celiac disease also. I am frustrated right now because GAPS seems to be working on so many levels and yet we are struggling again with fatigue. I never though to count carbs. How do I know what is enough for her and where the heck am I going to find time to count carbs when all I do is cook and do dishes. We have introduced raw milk and eat yogurt. If you can eat potatoes with no reaction, I would go for it.

Bodies are smart and you can listen to them and usually benefit greatly from their wisdom. For meals i eat meat broth soups with tons of veggies in it and only a little bit of meat in it. I just started incorporating lentils into my diet this month. Split red lentils make a great faux oatmeal with a couple of eggs whipped in and tons of honey and cinnamon…delish! I did not experience a low carb dilemma with GAPS.

I ate quite a lot of squash, both summer squash and winter squash. I also ate small servings of fruit. I had antibiotic induced colitis and was a pretty extreme case that caused leaky gut, hence many food allergies. Gaps sealed my gut after about 6 months.

It saved my life. I worked with a GAPS Practitioner who stressed that personalizing the diet is important, rather than following it to to a T.

I am still on a modified version of the diet after 16 months, slowly integrating everything back in as my microbe biome is restored. While the issue of carbs is debatable to claim human beings need grains to be healthy is flat out wrong. No food that we must eat requires the special handling sprouting,fermenting,etc that grains do and you need to source non modified, heritage grains that are nothing like the maize or wheat of today.

My little boy has ASD and is very slim. He eats a full-GAPS diet but is still rather picky. The food list for Atkins diet followers explains what you are allowed to eat in each phase.

This lasts for two weeks and is the most restrictive phase of the whole diet. You eat three main meals a day or five to six smaller ones if you prefer choosing items from the Atkins diet food list.

There are a few basic rules you must follow. This means you can choose how many meals a day you will need to have based around your working hours or lifestyle. Make those normal sized or big glasses, not too small. The OWL phase, where the net carb allowance is gradually increased to a point where weight loss is still ongoing. This is done by increasing your daily net carbs by 5g a day, so that you keep losing weight.

You can use the Atkins carb counter to help during this transitional phase. This phase starts when you are within ten pounds of your goal weight. Once again, you will start to increase your net carb intake as well as introducing extra foods until your weight loss slows and starts to maintain at the same level. Here, you commit to a healthy lifestyle to keep the pounds off! You will still need to keep an eye on what you are eating, using the food list and Atkins carb counter will help you to do this.

I just wish that someone had written out an food list for me when I first began. Knowing what foods to eat would have made the first month or two a whole lot easier for me.

A trip to the food store would have been a treat and not the chore it would inevitably turn into. Fortunately my steady weight loss kept me going, and I soon got the hang of the Atkins diet menu. The induction phase lasts for two weeks, it is designed to kick start your body into burning fat. All of the foods below are carb free and can be eaten freely. This means all types of unprocessed meat: If the meat is processed you will need to check for any added carbohydrate, if you see it listed in the ingredients then either count the carbs or avoid it.

Haddock, tuna, cod, prawns, oysters, lobster, crab — any, yes any fish and shellfish. In any style, scrambled, deviled, fried, poached, boiled, etc. Hen, chicken, goose,duck — all types of eggs are included. Use in your coffee instead of milk you can water it down first if you prefer. Water, diet tonic, zero calorie flavored waters,tea and coffee. Caffeine should be taken in moderation, and decaffeinated is preferable.

The foods on this Atkins diet food list all contain carbohydrates, so they have to be limited. You should aim for 20 g of net carbohydrate per day. Remember that cheese contains carbohydrate.

You can have g of cheese per day. A 30 g serving of these cheeses contain the following net carbs:. Remember, you are trying to reduce your carbohydrate intake, so the following are banned during the induction phase.

Only to be avoided during phase one, and this is only because portioning is difficult to control! Hamburger with low carb burger buns, see the recipe on the page with low carb burger buns. So now you have a list of the foods you are allowed to eat in phase 1 of the new Atkins diet plan.

But how do you use this list on a day-to-day basis? Well, I have a print out that I keep in my purse in fact I have several print-outs, one in the car, one at work, one in my kitchen- you get the picture, I find my life works a lot better when I use a list! You can find more quick weight loss tips on this page. This way I tally up the net carbs as I go along using the food list, so each day only adds up to 20g in total, 15g of this being from the salad and vegetable list.

Fried bacon and eggs, 35 g mushrooms fried in butter net carbs 1. Fried chicken strips, 25 g cucumber net carbs 0. Bowl of cold, cooked prawns which have been fried in garlic butter made with one clove of garlic net carbs 0. Rib eye steak, 80 g boiled spaghetti squash net carbs 4 g , stir fry made from 70 g bok choy net carbs 0. Your brain will try to dupe you! And I know how hunger can so easily break a diet.

I would crack and start eating unhealthily again. With the Atkins it is the high protein foods and fat that stops the hunger pains. At first, I thought Great! I was satisfied with a much smaller portion. In answer to all you carb junkies, yes you can. The Atkins food list shows quite clearly that you can eat carbs — they are just moderated.

Low carb food list options?